Visitors, but no sales...Does my store look to spammy?!

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Hello, dear community!


I posted once a store review request and you were very helpful. Many thanks, I really appreciate the time you took to check my store.

This is my Store: Spanglefy

I added a few products since then and I would like to know if the product pages look to spammy and if the website, in general, looks trustworthy because I am getting some visitors, but no sales.


Thank you very much!

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Hey Eduard!

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t had any sales yet. Let’s see what we can do!

I like your logo! Love that you’re offering a spring clearance sale, but the banner isn’t linked! I’ve worked with one e-commerce website that found it’s main conversion barrier was an unlinked banner. It was minor in what he was looking for, but it turned things around for him in a big way. Link the banner first thing!

Next, the rotating hero images...I’m not a fan. It’s scrolling by just too fast, and it’s more of a distraction rather than a benefit. I would reduce it to just one image instead.

Do you use any visitor behavior tools right now? I’m talking things like heatmaps (to see where people click) and session recordings (to watch what happened on a visit). I would be interested to see where your visitors are clicking and scrolling on your homepage in particular.

Use heatmaps to evaluate your layout and test switching the “As Individual As You” and “Clothes That Smile” features with your product collections. Additionally, use heatmaps to analyze the menu bar. Some of it may be able to be kept in just the footer. 


For your footer, I like that you’ve linked your email page and that your social media links open in a new tab. Those are details that are easy to miss, and you didn’t.

Product pages
To answer your question, I don’t think this looks spammy at all. You have it clearly labeled, and the size guide is easy to read. The descriptions need to be unique. There’s no way around it. I’m looking at t-shirts, and they all have the same description.

Get creative! Customers are going to know there’s something up if they browse for t-shirts. 


Also, the reviews are fantastic. Keep it up! Love that you have free shipping that’s clearly stated. You may want to mention that further on the product page as well, in case the customer missed it below. 


Watch recordings of people who visited product pages but didn’t check out. What happened? Where did they navigate? What information were they looking for?

The answer to your conversion issue is…
I don’t know. I would highly suggest using heatmaps and recordings to get started and understand what’s happening when people visit. If you’re running Facebook ads, it could also be that your audience isn’t right for these products. It’s hard to know without using heatmaps and recordings. 


I also noticed that while you have a chat, it doesn’t engage after I first visit. Does it have an auto invite feature? If so, use it or find one that does.

An auto invite lets you set certain criteria that will initiate a chat invitation if someone meets that criteria. For example, you could set it up so that a customer is asked to chat if they stay on a product page for more than 30 seconds. Or maybe you could set one up so that it triggers when a customer doesn’t checkout within 2 minutes of adding a product to their cart.


There’s also a really cool feature called live view that lets you watch people as they are on your site, and you can manually ask them to chat if they look lost.

One last thing - Run a poll! Ask customers if there was anything stopping them from checking out today (to find out their opinion of your site) or ask them what dog breed or cat color you should add to your product list next (to build inventory). 


It’s really all going to come down to understanding visitors and their behavior. That’s going to make the biggest impact on finding out why people aren’t converting. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat, poll, live view and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.


I hope this helps! Good luck, Eduard! 


Cheers -


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Hi Eduard! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :) 


Your logo looks really awesome - I love it :) 

Your homepage looks really inviting and engaging, which is great.


I'd recommend optimizing the "above the fold" area on the collection page - it's the most important part of any page, visible without scrolling down. As you have a featured collection image, it pushes the products out of view:



Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 05.02.50.png



The best converting stores have all the key elements seen above the fold, so the user can make a purchase with minimum effort.

See Amazon – all their product info and a Buy Now button are above the fold – people can buy with a single click, and quickly checkout.


I recommend removing the top image to lift the collection page content [the first row of products] above the fold, so people can see it as soon as they land on this page. This can significantly help you boost your conversion rate [sales]. 


Almost all of your items are on sale - that can affect your credibility as retailer. It can also cause the trust issues you mentioned:



Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 05.09.13.png


People might not feel the discounts are genuine, or that they get real knock-off prices. Be very scarce with your discounts, and offer only 10% of products on sale at a time. People will then be more prone to buy items on sale.


Also bear in mind that not all traffic is equal - just because someone clicks to your website from Facebook or Google doesn't mean they will buy - or that they will buy right away. Make sure to get clicks in terms of building awareness for your brand, but then focus on converting those who clicked and viewed your product into buyers. You do it through retargeting ads and email marketing.


Here's a detailed guide on how to design a winning PPC ad funnel:


I recommend optimizing your product titles more for SEO. They are not as detailed as descriptive, which can be confusing for Google:


Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 05.10.40.png



A much better title would be "White Short Sleeve Tshirt with a Cat Hugs Fish Print" - can you see why it's more informative and more helpful for Google? Make sure to optimize all product titles the same way.


Refund policy - consider writing a unique policy here instead of featuring default Shopify policy, which mentions items you are not selling:



Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 05.10.08.png


It will help you build trust, tailor the content to your own store and avoid any duplicate content issues, which might affect your Google rank.


About us page - make sure to SEO optimize each page [and blog post] on your website with SEO friendly H tags, internal and external links, compress the images, add alt tags and link tags, add Geotags, optimize Google snippets, make your URLs SEO friendly and more. It’s essential to optimize your website from the very start [or as early as possible] to help you rank quicker for your target keywords. If you’re not sure how to do it, please check this FREE video course: How to SEO your website and get to Google #1 in 3 Months.


Blogging - you have a perfect niche for blogging. Consider posting articles more regularly. This is a great way to keep your visitors on the website for longer, and also to get more traffic from Google from people interested in these topics. 

Blogging is powerful - it helped me get to Google page #1 in only four days with this blog post: Breadcrumbs in SEO. I discuss how to write articles that rank on page #1 in my Facebook group 30 Days 2 Page 1 - join it now!



Here are a few guides that might help:



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