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Hi there, I want to give Free feedback on your stores to those of you who need it. I have my eCommerce Consultation Agency and want to give a little back when I can since I see so many people struggling with basic problems.

One quick advice that might serve to all: Work on creating Better Offers. People are so bombarded all the time with the same products from so many websites, including Amazon and eBay, that they don't see any reason to purchase from you. And don't just create discounts or coupons, create Bundles, add Bonuses, offer Bulk Discounts, etc.

Having said that, let me know your store link below and I'll give you a couple tips on how to improve it. Make sure to include:

- Your average daily visits

- Your conversion rate

- The time your store's been open

I'll be answering through the day whenever I have some time so please be patient.

To our success,

Eric, founder of treestrategies.com


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Great idea Eric - and I love your tip on having something different to offer. I agree, it's not enough to open a general dropshipping store to be successful, as there at least 100s of identical stores getting opened every day! 

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