Want feedback on my newly started online store, thank you in advance.

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I recently started my online store, I am completely green in this field so I would like a general review of my online store and my facebook page if possible.


    Thank you.



   Online store:      koehlercollection.com


   Facebook:           Köhler Collection




Hi @Ckoehler


I suggest some improvements that can help your store UX.


1. Hero banner content: Too many text.


I don't think including this much text within your hero area is a good idea. 


Ideally, content on the hero banner should be clear, concise and descriptive, so that people can get what you are selling within a few seconds. I suggest you review your hero area and edit your content.

Screenshot at Mar 26 16-16-29.png

2. Featured Collection: Feature a wide range of collection instead of many products of 1 collection.

The section for "Featured Collection" is featuring all products of a collection. I can see that you are selling not only bags and backpacks, but only Women and baby accessories. So instead of featuring products of 1 collection, I suggest you feature in this section "All Collections Available" within your store. This will give visitors an overview of the product range within your store and make sure they don't miss the products.

Screenshot at Mar 26 16-19-57.png


3. Collection page


If we fast-forward to your collection page, there's an easily-spot mistake is that there's no call-to-action. What action do you want customer to take? Add to cart or Buy now, just include a button so that visitors are encouraged to buy.


Also, collection pages are where people browse among many products to find the product that fit their needs. So there are a few things for you to keep in mind:

- Sort, filter and search are super important and must be implemented carefully

- Information within each list item must be concise and relevant.

- Product thumbnail images must be in high quality and describe the features of the product

- Always include a secondary hover image.


A well-implement collection page is a page that is optimized for people to easily narrow down the product scope and find the product they need. 

Screenshot at Mar 26 16-25-03.png


They are just some of my comments. I've gotta leave now. But if you have more questions on other pages type, you can leave your question is this topic, I'll be sure to answer :) 


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