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We want to make sure our message is on point. Damascus Road Experience, Inc. is a nonprofit social entrepreneurship that focuses on mental health challenges and provides individuals with an anchor, a hope, and a future through Jesus Christ. We offer a speakers' bureau, an e-commerce store, and a public charity. Visit us at damascusroadexperience.org.

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Hi @damascusroad,


This is Brian from Magnet Audit.


I took a quick look at your site and identified a couple of areas you might want to focus on in your next round of updates:


1. I would suggest swapping out the video playing 'above the fold' on the home page for the the kind of information you provide on your facts and figures page, or even some of the stuff that comes further down the home page. You only have a few seconds to make an impression, the video is briefly captivating, but also slow and confusing. It's very unclear what you're seeing, and you don't even notice the text over top of it. Instead, recreate the facts and figures into some kind of static or moving display to help immediately communicate to your visitors what the website is about, what the need is and what your solutions are, or migrate some of the content lower down on the page upward. 


2. Put your social media icons at the top as well as the bottom. It took a long time to find them all the way down there.


Those are both based on the desktop view, I didn't look at mobile, which is perhaps more important at this stage in the game...a full audit would turn up additional areas to focus on, if you get through with the above and would like to try a full audit, you can message me directly or visit our website to learn more.


All the Best,



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