We hit 1000 views no sales

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Hi, im very new to this, and we have lots of traffic however no sales at all ( one was a test purchase)! Any help I would really appreciate 


kind regards 

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Your store look great. What kind of ads are you running? Im running google and snapchat


Hi @rosepooch,

I've reviewed your store & I must say that your products are looking great. However, I noticed some glitches on the cart page that can be fixed to improve the overall conversion rate on your site. Let's take a look!


I understand that in theory, placing a 3rd party payment method here can fasten the process of check-out but in fact, people would rather not use that in the cart step. And also, your visitors might get confused & distracted by 3rd party payment options which stands as buttons. These logos should only be static in order to make it less prominent & more an indication for the check out step. Something like this:




I believe that the "Pay now" button should also be placed above the fold in the Payment step since visitors can't see the price at the time they decide to purchase when scrolling down the page. Or you can add another step for visitors to review the order, that way people won't have to select any required options but only review the information then proceed to pay.


I hope my recommendations will be helpful to you. I wish you many more sales in the future, please feel free to let me know if you have any concerns.

Best regards!

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Hi @rosepooch !

I congradulate your shop with 1000 views!) 

I love the style and images on your homepage , however, i would suggest you to add some of the features, that can directly increase your sales.

1. First thing is to add reviews on the product pages and site itself. A lot of people read reviews before purchasing the item. I personally do this every time as for me it is important to know opinions about the item from previous customers (honest trusted feedback). You can use Growave  for that, it offers automated emails within the Reviews feature as well. 

2. Add social login feature to your store - as  nowadays almost every person has an account at least in one social media - it will make the process  of buying more user-friendly for the customers. More customers you get, more sales you can do. Do not forget about this!

3. Add wishlist - using this feature, you will give an opportunity to your customers to add loved items in the wishlist (creat different list for various occasions) and to sahre them with closed ones. If the items that were added to wishlists were not purchased, automated emails will be sent to the customers as reminders. I can say from my side, it pushed me many times to purchase the item, that i have added and totally forgot about it. It makes shopping experience more comfy, and at the same time you are making your sales.

Basically, what I am trying to say, that you need to add functionality to your store -you can use  several apps for that. But if you want to get everything (reviews, wishlist, discounts, rewards and etc) one click check out  Growave .

Good luck!

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Hello @rosepooch ,

I just had a look at your store, your store looks great. I have a few suggestions for you hope they might help you.


  • There are no trust badges at your checkout page, try adding them as trust badges help your customers know that your site is safe to shop. 
  • I have also found that there are only a few products in your store, try adding more products so that your customers will have a lot of options to select from.
  • Also, try adding SEO related high search keywords in your title and product description so that it will be very easy to market your products and display them at the top in google search.
  • Try adding some sale offers to your products to attract customers.
  • Add a blog page, blog page helps you to share more about your website and products which increases your site visibility.




I hope our feedback helps you.




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Hey @rosepooch 

Welcome to the Shopify family, and congratulations on your store. Your store experience is actually quite nice, consistent. I don’t the experience might be the problem. 

That being said - not all traffic is equal. So there can be a few reasons for no conversions (a) You’re sending the wrong people to your website. OR (b) There are issues with your website experience.

Which platforms are you running ads on? What kind of targeting are you using? Is it sending the kind of ideal prospects you want to your store? I think you should do an audit of that data.

It might be the quality of traffic which is the bottleneck, since you mentioned that the bounces are also very quick. Figure out which it is and make changes accordingly - and I think you’ll be on your way to more conversions!


That being said, I do have a few observations on your store: 

  1. About us - You’ve given a nice explanation about your company ideals. I would say add a human factor to it by talking about the people as well - the team. Add pictures as well, it gives a more human touch.
  2. Add proper information about shipping. Shipping pages are some of the most read pages on a website. How much time, shipping charges, etc. all of these details should be provided to the users.
  3. Lastly, testimonials and reviews are another way of proving the authenticity and quality of your products. Showcasing some of those on the home page might help.

I hope this advice helps out. Hoping for more sales in your store!


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hi thank you very much for your help! 

I would love to make those adjustments however as I said I'm very new, any help on how to do those suggestions such as a  really quick step by step  would be appreciated 

thank you so much