We would love some critical feedback. (InfinityHoodies.com)

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Is there anything we can be doing better in regard to our site? Any and all feedback is truly appreciated.



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Dear @JeremyB

First of all - Good brand & Good name. I can get a sense of what you're trying to accomplish. But unfortunately- with the current design and layout, its very hard to get good sales and build a brand.

Below is my advice to you:


1) Logo requires an upgrade. Something more dynamic and professional to reflect the good domain name you have.
2) Homepage should include a slider with a call to action - an offer or anything to drive customer's attention.
3) Offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE and show that at the header of your homepage.

4) About us page is too short. Its the most important page on your site. You should give it more attention.
5) Some design and color layout should be improved.
6) A pop-up on homepage would also help in conversions and in collection customer emails.

The above are crucial if you'd like to generate sales. We'd be happy to give you a hand. You can reach us at info@ecommercepro.com if you need support in implementing the above professionally.

-Ali, Your Shopify Expert


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