Web shop in local language best?

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Dear community and gurus
I just started asian-skincare.com – I plan to sell to danish and Swedish users only.
Im Selling Japanese and korean skincare. I have only worked with the site for 1 Month.
In Will do SEO SEM, SoMe incl. ads, and work with influensers. And have a blog. Now my main concerns are:

Did I make a misstake not having the site in Danish? Which is prio 1 market, as competition is low. (There are both Danish and English organic searches)

Swedish shipping cost is aproximatley 30SEK higher than in Swedish web shops – will they drop purchase in mine because of that?

Are users more comfortable with purchasing from website in local language?

I hop you have time to reply, would be so great if you could!
Thank you so much in advance!
Best Regards /Josefine Andersson