Webshop page speed affecting customers from converting

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Dear Shopify Community,

I think that my webshop page speed is too slow and it affects customers from converting. In the past my webshop had a faster loading time and people who clicked on my Facebook Ads, always ended up viewing my landing page as you can see in the picture below. However, my most recent Facebook Ads show me that I still get enough clicks, but people don't end up on my Landing page because of the fact that my loading speed is just too slow. 

Before (when I had a fast page speed): 

After (current situation, many people drop off between clicks and landing page views):

I have tried to reach people on Fiverr to optimize my webshop. However, did not find any succes yet there. I found something on the web regarding Shopify themes. I am currently using the Boundless theme with 11 apps (of which 1 is Pagefly Page Builder, all pages are build with this app). Do you recommend using paid themes, such as Shoptimized or Fastor, for faster page speed? Or are there any other recommendations to increase my page speed?

Would be really glad if there is someone who can help me out!! 

Webshop: www.dolpierre.nl

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Here's how you can optimize your Shopify site:


1) Run your site through the Shopify Analyzer (I would start with home page and product page).


2) Follow the recommendations to optimize each area (there are links to free guides, here is the in depth guide: speedboostr.com/shopify-optimization)


3) If you get stuck and need professional help, contact speedboostr.com/contact. We've optimized hundreds of sites, and created guides and tools to help Shopify store owners optimize their site.


Paid vs free theme isn't a factor for performance, but paid themes usually have more features and better design, so I generally start with a paid theme then modify to fit the brand vision.

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