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I've read some great feedback on new stores and hope there's enough good will left in the group to help me. My shop went live two weeks ago and conversions are low.  I've had 500 visitors (many personal contacts) and converted 5%.  I'd welcome (and desparately need) honest feedback on the UI/UX and conversion funnel.  Thanks is advance for our help.

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 I think you need to work more on your home page. Here is some of my suggestions:  

Try to minimize the text on the home page, because it’s hard to read I recommend changing the text/image section or at least organize it because it does not look good. 


1) Take  the newsletter box out of the footer and position it bove the footer.

2) Add social Media Icons to your footer. 

3) Make it more trust worthy. 


Hi JB,

Your site creates a positive impression. For higher conversions I would recommend you to pay attention to the following:
- Information from the banner is unclear. It is difficult to understand size details of the product and how it can be used. This is especially the case for the product description.
- Add a block with images from any social channel you are active on to engage more followers.
- If you have a video with the product you should add it to the website. Video can introduce your product to a potential customer properly.
- There are three images with the product on your Home page, but all three images refer to one product. It can confuse a potential customer because it seems like there are many products you sell. Alternatively you can add a scrolling with text under a single image or reduce the text to one paragraph. You can also add images on "Our story" and "FAQ's" pages. [Some customers do not like to read long texts].
- Use the darker color of the main text (for example #626262) ,so your site can look more attractive and advanced.

And it is great you have added a form to collect visitor's impressions! This is a very good idea.


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