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Hello everyone. I would like some honest/constructive feedback on my store. I want to cover a few main points first:

A) My #1 Goal is 1 Sale (not by anyone except a foreign customer).

B) The long term play of this site will definitely change once I figure out my niche.

C) I don't really want to continue to design the store because there is always another tweak needed and you could spend 5 years making a theme, the main thing/only thing that matters to me is making money. For some reason with the millions of articles on Shopify this root goal is sometimes not portrayed. On another note since I am brand new to Shopify specifically I am using my better judgement/common sense to determine if my site is properly done and set up and ready for ads however there may be something very obvious I am missing. An issue that I see is I add products keep changing the theme, then the products are sold out. The only real things that I think I need to do internally with this site is offer a coupon code/newsletter and put a different image in the slider.

D) For me and maybe other people I like to follow a motto "KISS" keep it simple stupid and the 80/20 rule or else I find myself doing things that are not really getting me to my goal (1 sale). For example (this is one of many) calling Shopify for 2 hours to sort out Instagram Shopping etc etc.


My question and hopefully an expert will chime in and give feedback on this is:

A) Is my site simple, professional, and done well enough where you could confidently say it is ready to run ads to? Would an actual human by from me? I want it target impulse buyers and not interrupt their buying process. I have run a few so far but saw I was missing some key components to the Fb ad (debatable topic). I understand there is also a level of testing involved and finding what works but my brain really hurts and I feel dumb if I am running an ad to a website that is up to par. I have heard some free theme shopify sites crush it. Please advise on the 80/20 rule with my goal of 1 sale, the theme design (including products and descriptions) and what is needed/not needed. Most people doing Shopify feel like tough guys in the beginning when they build a theme and tell people they drop ship and are entrepreneurs but most of them are actually not successful. I am past this stage and want to make money, buy low sell HIGH. Shopify is an excellent opportunity but like anything only the 1% will actually make actual money with it.


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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. You've done some nice work, and with a little further thought and application I'm sure it'll get that first sale you're after. I've had a look at your store and have some feedback that you could take into consideration: 


- Immediately on the landing page, there is work to be done. I'm not sure that background ink image is an ideal image to represent your business, your mission statement and communicate to the customer what you sell. The entire first impression a customer has is likely confused: ( 


- I'm still confused about what your business is actually selling? What is the mission statement of the brand you are trying to build? Your About Us doesn't answer the questions they may have about your business, instead, it's about being targeted by marketing, this is a really bad idea. 


- In terms of branding, what is your color scheme on this site? There seems to be a little uncertainty on what your color scheme is. 


- How are you planning to market such a wide range of random assorted products to your specific audience? Who is your ideal audience? What are their behaviors and interests? How are you going to target them? 


- The product photography is very 'stock images' feeling, and there are no reviews/testimonials from your customers on the site. I'd recommend sampling the products, taking your own photographs and getting bloggers or influencers to review the products for your site. 


- Have you looked at what successful competitors are doing on their websites?  Have you tried to emulate their experience? 


I'm curious how you are going to market this business in order to make those initial sales? 

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify
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Your website is perfectly optimized for mobile devices. I checked it out on the design checkers available online.

The tweaks you mentioned that don't end is right.

But a 3D design to your product listings would help you to get more visitors.

Just my personal opinion.

Disregard it if it doesn't agree with yours.