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Hi there! I would like to start focusing on the e-commerce side of my business. I though some feedback regarding my website look and content would be helpful. What would you change or update? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Hey, I could not reach to your store. 

But would definitely love to give some suggestions for your store. Share the link to your store. Here are some of my suggestions for general. 

  • Use amazing product images: Take the time to create your custom, high-quality product images. Make sure to include images of your products from different angles, views, and details. If you have different versions of a product, make sure you include images of all variations. Use images with context to show how the products will look like if your shoppers were using it.
  • Write helpful & interesting product descriptions. Avoid laundry lists of product specs and focus on describing how each product can help your shopper. Give them information that they actually need to help them make informed decisions.
  • Use product videos: Film yourself or staff using the product and show your shoppers how it works. You can also discuss the important benefits of the product that can’t be easily shown in pictures.
  • Clear price placements: Clearly display your product’s price on your page. Use a larger font size and/or contrasting colors to make it stand out.
  • Clear add-to-cart button: You need to guide your shoppers what to do next when they are convinced to make the purchase (click on the buy button). Use a contrasting button color and large button size to grab their attention.
  • Display customer reviews & ratings: Consumers often rely on product reviews and customer comments to decide whether to buy the product. So, collect customer reviews as soon as possible. If you get negative comments, reply to your customers professionally to try and solve the problems. This will serve to promote your business even more.
  • Address uncertainties: Customers often have many concerns. Address these concerns head-on on your product pages.
  • Show related & recommended products: Use related products display to cross-sell to your shoppers. This can improve their experiences, and put more money into your pocket.


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