Website critic + lots of Initiating checkout but no sales

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Hello everyone,


I have launched my first store which is a general one on which I would like to test several products.

I tried my 1st product this week with a 3 days FB campaign (conversion - ATC - 10 euros per day). I created 2 ad sets in the campaign with just a difference in the interests targeting.


By analyzing it,  I can see that I have a relatively good CTR (out of 7 476 impressions, 219 clicked on the ad, and 135 clicked on the link of the product page),

a good CPC,

a good rate of ATC (out of the 135 that landed on my product page, 27 ATC), 

a good Initiating Checkout (out of the 27 ATC, 16 Initiating Checkouts),


HOWEVER, out of the 16 Initiating Checkouts, only 1 Add Payment Info and 1 sale. 

So my guess is the main issue is in the checkout process and optimization.


Here are the FB Ads Manager screenshots:














Concerning the offer, I tried "Add 3 products to your cart and get 1 FREE", in my ads, and under my ATC button on the product page, but didn't seem to make people buy. And the only sale I had, the guy bought 2 products (he could have got the 3rd one free...).


So here is my website:, and this is the page of the product I try to sell and test right now:


I would love having some feedback on the store in general, and about the campaign I just did more specifically.


It's my first time and I don't understand everything with the results I just got (maybe my analysis is all wrong ?)



Thank you very much all in advance and looking forward to reading you.

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Hey @houdhoud1993 

Could you share the password?

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First thank you for your answer.


Here is the password: oocaut.


I changed the theme, so somethings are missing, but overall the website is done


Hi @houdhoud1993 


Shipping charges MAY be an issue for your dropshiping store and that may be the reason you get people to the end and they abandon. Try free shipping, but incorporating your shipping price into the product.


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Yes this is what I was thinking on doing for my next campaign




Cancel All Facebook Ads


@houdhoud1993 The temptation to drive users to your store is really high during the initial few weeks of opening. But make sure you've thoroughly reviewed this post by Shopify before you ran any ads - it has good content which could save you lots of $$$.  


After you've addressed these items mentioned in the post, your store will be well positioned to receive intent-ready traffic that will purchase your items. 

Improve Customer Engagement 

Beyond this point, think about how you'd handle customer engagement to drive up conversions on your store. The last thing you'd want is to have a purchase-intent traffic (consumers with interest to buy) and being unable to give them relevant recommendations. Engagement on your store should primarily be about understanding what customers are looking for and showing them relevant inventory from your store - this will lead directly to conversion. 

You could use our app Rendezvous for this :) Our patented recommendation tech fills significant blind spots in traditional recommender systems, enabling new products such as yours to be discovered and recommended - leading to more sales. You can check it out here.


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You can also reply to this for further insights on improving your website + conversion. 
Best of luck in improving your store and growing your business!

~ Kingston. 

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Thank you for your answer.


I will apply all this on my website !