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Would someone look at my store and give me their take on it's appeal. Are all the products and text look good.

If you find anything wrong would you tell me in your opinion how to fix it to improve on it's appeal.

My phone # 281-961-7359

website; www.lottabags.cvom.


Hi @barney67 


At the moment your website is lacking in lots of areas. 


Theme: This theme isn't right for you. The theme you're using use to work back in 2016 but not so much now. Plenty of better free themes. 


Products: You have way to many. I'd only have around 24 at the moment until you build each product out better. Then add more. 

Product Title: Way to long 

Product Descriptions: Needs lots more work. 

Product Overall: The product page is one of the must important pages on your website. 


Site Navigation: This is OK but not the best could be a lot better. 


That is just a few things to work on at the moment. Don't want to overwhelm you as I'm sure your post will get more comments. 


Overall there is some great things about your website. I would just focus on starting small and working your way up. 



Clayton Bates 


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