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We launched the site to help get more awareness and some sales for my artist.  She does really good with her shows and in person sales, and we figured maybe this would bring in some additional income to ease cashflow. 


Would love some input on the site as we did this all in house. 


Posted this in the wrong place, but would love for some of you to take a look at our site.  https://sonbok.com




Great Story Here. 


Heading Text: I'd change this to something that isn't so basic. Your store is all about art and the text is not screaming art. 


Featured Products: I'd change this to featured collections with your two collection and a cool image. 


Blog Home Page: I'd add another blog so it doesn't look blank on the right with one blog missing. You could also change it so only two blogs show at the moment it looks set to three. 


Contact Page: I'd add contact page with a form to fill out. Customers are lazy lol If they really do have a question might be to much effort to email you. 


Overall its starting to look good. Keep up the great work. If you need any help fixing this issues more then happy to help you out :) 


Cheers From Down Under 

Clayton Bates 

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You have a nice store but you have to work on lots of areas.


1. Make a design on the current trend

2. Make your own logo

3. Add comtact us,blog,privacy policies, term and condition pages

4. Improve page speed

5. The presentation can be changed and there are other areas too where you have to work.


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Hi there!


I'd create some help pages like

  • Shipping
  • Returns
  • Support/Contact

and add them to your footer. This can increase your conversion rate because it is essential info.

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