What do you think about my store and how I can improve ?

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Hi All...

I just launched my site yesterday : https://kawaiistuffcorner.com
Can you give me feedback for my new store? :)

I also have a burning question in my head.
First of all, sorry for my bad English. I hope you guys get what I want to say correctly. :)

I noticed several people added some items, but they didn't make any payment :(
I'm affraid it was caused by my payment option. I just have PayPal option because I faced difficulty with the third party when I applied for credit card payment in my country.

I can't use Shopify Payment because I'm not in USA.

I also couldn't check whether my PayPal is working or not because PayPal don't allow us to made any purchases that its fund will be directed to our other PayPal account.

Any suggest for this matter? Or maybe someone want to place an order for my $1 item? :) I'll pay you back.

Thank you so much.


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Hi there,


First of all, your English is great! Here's some feedback on your store:

  • I think this could be a potentially great niche, and I personally liked many of the products you've chosen.
  • Overall, the store feels messy and a little poorly formatted. I'll go into this in more detail in my next points.
  • I would strongly advise against centering your text. It adds a somewhat clumsy and catastrophic feel to your website. Left-aligning your text would look much neater. You can balance this out by including a centered logo in the side bar. Speaking of logo, I think it would be greatly beneficial for you and your brand to have a "cute" logo to match the cute things you sell.
  • Put "Home" instead of "Home Improvement." Home improvement would make people think of physically redesigning their home with power tools, which is obviously not the case here.
  • The "Under $5" category is difficult to navigate because there are sixteen pages. People usually are looking for specific products, and while the reduced price tag is great, it doesn't allow for the optimal use of their time.
  • Use "Bags" instead of the singular "Bag."
  • I would personally remove "Alphabetically" and "Date" from your filtering options. I don't think anyone is going to use them. Maybe add "New Arrivals" instead.
  • Your website loading is a little clunky for me, although it could very well be my own laptop and internet connection. However, it seems like the pages are loading in chunks.
  • When you click on the individual item descriptions, there is way too much spacing between each line of text. Instead of dragging the page down vertically, you could include the additional product images to the side or standardize them at the bottom so that they're all the same size (which you would do anyway if you put them to the side).
  • I would advise to change your font. It looks like you're using Times New Roman, which doesn't fit the aesthetic you're going for. I would also recommend for there to be a greater contrast between the text and the background, as well as to increase the text size, as it can be difficult to read for some people.
  • I don't know if including the shipping chart is a good idea. I think you should specify shipping times at the checkout, because customers are going to be waiting a long time for their orders (as is the case for drop shipping). I think you should try to market this the best way possible, especially since the processing takes so long.
  • The return policy also isn't great. You're recommending them to film themselves unboxing the product which just isn't realistic. It's entirely possible that items can arrive damage or broken. The best policy is to say as little as possible (by including relevant information) while staying as transparent as possible.
  • I would break down the bottom menu so that the search and newsletter options are directly next to each other rather than on top of each other.
  • Your FAQ page doesn't load for me. Again, could be me.


As far as the PayPal situation, I don't have a solution for you but I'm sure someone else will know how to help! You can contact Shopify directly as well.

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