What does my store still miss?

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Hello fellow shopifiers !

 I'm kindly asking on opinions on my store ! I 

All feedback is welcome !

What does it make really good what does it still really misses?


Thank you ! 




This is an accepted solution.


I'm from PageFly team, as a dog lover, I really love your store, to be honest.

1. You have big and beautiful banner images with clear CTA buttons.

2. You have a wide range of collections and really know how to showcase them on the homepage.

3. You did great with your homepage decoration and some cool effects.

4. You have Instagram images pinned on the homepage which is good to direct your visitors to your Instagram and shop there.

However, I have some suggestion for your store, and I hope it can help you somehow.

1. Consider having a sticky header for better navigation. A fixed menu bar will help people navigate to other pages easily when they scroll down your page. 


2. Your CTA button on the hero banner is clear but you can make it look bigger to get people's attention and click on it.

3. You should pay attention to some of your product image's resolution. Not all of your products have this issue but I did notice some of the product images are quite blurry, so you can consider choosing images with higher quality because it affects the conversion rate.


4. Pay attention to your store speed. I did a test on Google PageSpeed Insights and the score of your store is not that high, so you can consider changing your image files (from PNG to JPEG or JPG) or remove unnecessary Javascript to improve your site speed. The speed of your site affects the conversion rate a lot, and if your store loading slowly, people might abandon your cart immediately.


And that's my feedback, your store is so lovely, it just needs some minor changes for better conversion.

If you find this feedback helpful, you can give it a like or mark it as a solution. Best of luck!



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