What is wrong with my store??

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I had created my store since last you and I don’t know what is the problem with my store I couldn’t get any single sale I did so many changes to enhance conversion but no thing happened can someone lend me a hand my website is www.blinktouch.com

I will grateful for small help

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Hi @Isa11128,


This is Brian from Magnet Audit.


I took a quick look at your site and identified a couple of areas you might want to focus on in your next round of updates:


1. Your Instagram links at the top & bottom do go anywhere. That'll scare customers if they can't validate you on social media.


2. You've done a good job picking a single product to focus on, and even branded around a lifestyle & value proposition, nice job! But the proposition rings hollow because gentlemen in $300-500 suits don't wear $20 watches. They wear watches that cost at least as much as their suit, if not more. The watches are actually too inexpensive. Ideally you'd have a $400 watch on sale for $320 or something.


Those are both based on the desktop view, I didn't look at mobile, which is perhaps more important at this stage in the game...a full audit would turn up additional areas to focus on, if you get through with the above and would like to try a full audit, you can message me directly or visit our website to learn more.


All the Best,



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