When sales all of a sudden disappear?

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The site is pridenation.lgbt in the lgbt sector, figured there isn't much BandMortar competition. Had daily sales for 6 months, 2-8 sales or so a day. All of a sudden it all basically stopped the last 7 days; add to carts, sales, everything. On Dec. 11 I upgraded to (what I was told by the shopify partner) was a better site for conversions, of course you're told you need a better site for a fee, only to have conversions drop after making it live. I could never get conversions above .8% so I sought help with it.

I even switched to free shipping, made no difference. Last year I made a few sales in the same time frame so can't say it was the holidays. I guess you have to face the facts that you're selling what people aren't interested in buying. The site has the biggest selection of lgbt flags on the net and prices are reasonable too, any thoughts?