Why most of my visitors just look on my homepage and leave ?

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Hello guys, 

I need you advise about this issue. I attract people but more than %50 of them leave without browsing my products. What could be the reasons of it ? What could be your advises ? Please share your feedbacks and enlight me . 

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Hi Berk,

I took a look at your website and I have a few points you might find useful.

Straight after I get to your homepage, there's a voucher for 10 % off on the first order if I fill the email in. If 50 % of people leave without browsing the product, this offer is probably not working and you should remove it. If you wish to keep it, you can change it to be shown later or when the customer is leaving the website. Also, "10%" would look much better than "%10".

After I close this offer, there are still two banners asking me to sign in to get 10 % off. I'd only keep the upper one which is less annoying but there should be a link to sign in.

The main picture on your homepage is nice and clean and I like it but if customers are not likely to enter the store, you should probably try a different one. You can test it for a few days and compare the results.

I don't know if you're running any ads to bring customers to your website but if so, you can change the attitude and run product ads to bring the customers directly to a product page.

I have also checked your info pages and product pages and I think they're very good and there's all the necessary information.

If some of the customers at least check some products or categories but leave without making a purchase, it means they're probably interested and maybe they were distracted or just need more time for decisions. Retargeting ads might help you bringing those customers back by reminding them of your store. Our app ROI Hunter Easy can help you with the setup.

Best of luck!

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Hello there,

Congrats with your store and for taking action,

A key factor for the success of your store is Marketing.

Everything falls down to Marketing and Sales, you need to know how to drive traffic to your store, you need to know the platform you are using to drive traffic, and you need to know your audience and what products fits them.

Your store must also be optimized and set into a funnel to make continue conversions.

There is a lot of information online, you can search on forums, Facebook groups,YouTube and Quora. Sometimes it can get too overwhelming tho,

I see that you are working hard, and that is what you need to succeed, you need to have goals, commitment, and determination, most people fail on these.

and finally you need guidance.

It is the same as when you got your driving licence, yes maybe you knew how to drive, but you still needed an instructor to guide you to the right direction.

It is the same with this business, you will need guidance to set you in the right direction, so you can become later on a professional driver of your store.

It is not complicated if you have guidance.

If you need anymore help,and you are still struggling to make profit with e-commerce, for 5 years now I am helping many eCommerce stores to success. book a free one on one session with me here: https://calendly.com/sharlonbilly/freecall/

Best Regards


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You need to engage customers visiting your website. It can be done through website widgets like Some of the features which can be added to your website widgets are "Trending products", "New Arrivals", "Similar Products", “Curated products”, "people who bought this also bought", and "people who viewed this also viewed". Email campaign and browser notifications like “cross-sell recommendations after purchase”, “weekly new arrivals products”, and “Trending products, Bestsellers” add lots of value to increase conversions. On Facebook “trending products of the week”, carousal posts, and “Handpicked product of this week” can increase awareness and website traffic. You can also visit https://yfret.com/ for more information. 


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Hi There,

I have checked your store and it looks great. Below are my findings.

- Provide estimated delivery date of product.
- Give some related items of the products.

- Add trust badges like Secured seal, money back guarantee. You can check the below link for related apps https://apps.shopify.com/search/query?utf8=?&q=trust 

- You can check our photo review app https://apps.shopify.com/myreviewfy to get reviews in attarctive layouts with images.


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Maybe the theme is making people leave. Try changing the theme and compare the data. Maybe the saturation of shopify stores that all look the same has made people nervous about what the see everywhere.

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Hi Berk,

Do you have Google Analytics installed? If so, are you able to tell which sources have the highest / lowest bounce rates?

It's important to qualify your traffic before you send it to your site if you want low bounce rates. If you simply post links of your store all over the internet, you might have a higher bounce rate than if the traffic were coming from a Facebook ad with some of your products on it.

I would also suggest getting a heatmapping app on your store to get insight into user behaviour. It could be that your theme is not clear to some users and you might be able to see that based on the heatmap.

Best of luck,



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I like your website and your products. Here is what I see:

  • I guess it depends on who your customer base is, but when I read your homepage "about" piece, and it said that everything was made in Turkey, I did not really feel interested in reading more. HOWEVER, when I read the full "About" on your dedicated "About Us" page, I liked what I read. So, I don't know if it is just me, or the wording on your homepage, but I immediately lost interest after reading what you wrote on the homepage. My interest returned when i read your "About Us" page.
  • Your homepage reads "Chakarr Jewellery collection delivers authentic and unique statement pieces for today’s modern woman". That does not neccessarily tell me that this is 100% YOUR brand, YOUR designs (or your mom's), YOUR pieces. I would be more interested if I knew that I could not purchase your products any where else. That might also help justify the high prices.
  • Maybe have a video showing how one of the pieces is made by the Artisans in Turkey? It would give me more confidence to purchase from you, ESPECIALLY if whoever shoots the video or the person making the product talks about your brand. Having the video show when the page loads  would immediately spark my interest in your brand.

Note that I'm not an expert, I'm speaking from a consumer point of view. I hope this helps.


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The same thing happens to me , 90% of customers just look my front page and leave even without looking a product. Can you please take a look on my store and say whats wrong?

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Hello @Berk_Cakar, please share your store URL.



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