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A few times I have requested feedback on my store.  And I have gotten at least one response each time.  This is good and I am grateful.  However, --  each time I had additional questions about some of the suggestions made in the answer, so I would reply to the sender.  WHY?  WHY??  Do you who respond to the first request - ALSO - respond to the reply request??  It would be so helpful if you could clarify some of your suggestions by answering the questions I have.   It is like saying to the driver 'turn right', but you do not clarify which drive way is the correct one.   This is just a question and actually, I do not expect a response.  Maybe some of you have figured out how to get a second response and could tell me your secret.   Thank you.   JewelrybySandeGene,  Sandee Jene.

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Hey @MCAjewelry,

Sorry to hear, that has to be frustrating.

I often provide feedback on peoples stores so I'll tell you from my perspective what could be happening.

I respond to multiple posts per day. I get notifications when any of the following things happen:
1. Someone likes my post
2. Someone marks it as a solution
3. Someone has also commented on the same thread

Now, if someone comments on the same thread, I get a notice but it's of who posted most recently (which usually ends up being someone else that is providing feedback on your store). Therefore, I can't tell when someone is talking to me unless they use the @ symbol. My suggestion is, if you want to get someone's attention do @ and then their username. This way (unless they have their notifications turned off) they will get a notification that you have a question for them.

PS: If you want me to review your store, I'd be happy to do so - just @ me ;).

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