Will appreciate any feedback and suggestions on my store

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Will appreciate any feedback and suggestions on my store . Please let me know what would you add . Ignore the logo and messed up product titles, still in progress ! ;) www.yucanbuy.com


thank you

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Hope you're doing well and safe!


Congratulations on your store, and I must say it looks great.


I must say I was super impressed with your " Deal of the day" section. I love that you're creating urgency like this, it's very impressive. Great job!!!


I have a few recommendations that might be helpful to you. 


1. Homepage: It’s pretty busy. Do you use heatmaps to see where people click and scroll on your page? I would highly suggest running a heatmap to see where people are clicking.


2. You should feature your product collections instead of products from 1 collection, let show your visitors the broad range of your products, they can easily and quickly find out what kind of products you're selling.


3. Your homepage is long and would also be needing a scroll to top button so that the viewers can easily go up to the top of your page with just one click. Providing you with a link of an app that does this best. Scroll to top


4. Most viewed products - Add a section at the bottom of product pages to show your most viewed/bought items from the site. This can help increase your average order value.


5. Connect yourself to all of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - They are the gems of e-commerce advertising and add their links on your footer. 


6. You must use live chat. There’s no way around it. If people have questions, they need it answered while they are still on your site. You can set up auto invites to trigger when certain criteria is met. You can set it up for your customers and your vendors. 


I hope all my suggestions will be of help to you. You can let me know if you have any questions or queries regarding anything. 


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Check out the following apps :
Simple scroll to top
Slick scroll progress bar
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thak you very much , it's very helpful thank you