Will launch tomorrow:) Can you please have a look at the updated version please:)

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Hi all,




We have made the small changes you suggested.. I hope it is better now:)

the social media will be updated tonight- so ignore that bit.




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Hi Gokten,


Your products look fantastic, and I love the theme colors. You have good quality product images - consider displaying them in the sliding banner at the top. At the moment, the first image with cotton plants, doesn't really match your premium linen branding and it's slightly distorted. You will connect with your target audience more if you make a strong first impression.

The top promo bar - you mention your most popular collections, however it's not linked to the collections - consider adding a link here.


The top navigation - I noticed there is a slight issue with the drop down menu - it doesn't stay open as I move the cursor from the main menu link, please see the screen recording of what I mean:https://youtu.be/6ZY7jG25-qY 


Consider fixing it, as it might affect your conversion rate and user experience, which counts towards the overall SEO score. 


About us - it's a great content, and I like you mention that your products are made in Turkey - it adds credibility. Consider adding this info to your homepage - your conversion will improve. Make sure to optimize the About us page further - add more content [500+ words], SEO optimize the text and add a photo of your team. It's a great way to build trust and rapport with your visitors, which will then translate into sales.


Shipping - consider adding this page with your delivery rates, times, and also mention whether you ship abroad or only within your country. Having this info easy to find will help you convert more visitors, as people like to have this info explained before committing to buy.


As your website isn't published yet, I won't be able to test SEO or mobile preview, but happy to do it once you publish your site - feel free to give me a shout then!


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