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I'm honestly kind of scared 😂 but I would like some pointers on how to improve my store and how I can add value to reduce bounce rates.

Your store is good overall. There are some ways below to make it even better.


Homepage Feedback

  1. Add an about us and contact us page

  2. Your footer should link to your return/refund policy, shipping, contact and about us page

  3. Add a section for customer reviews when you get them on the homepage. This is going to help build trust

  4. If you plan to run ads... make sure you have your address and email on your site. Otherwise, you'll get shut down by the ad platform


Product Page Feedback

  1. All your products need a description to sell it to customers. This is how you get someone to buy

  2. Add more product images to each page as one is not enough to sell someone on buying from you vs someone else. 3 - 5 images are usually good enough

  3. Add your return/refund policy to all product pages. This is something that all buyers look for. 

  4. Add customer review section to build trust

  5. Add a section for most viewed/bought products at the bottom of each product page

  6. Get rid of the "checkout securely with" as it's tacky and not going to help your brand. Put it in the footer if you really need it

Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Hey thank you very much! My laptop broke so it was hard to get to work, but I should have these changes done by tonight (possibly tomorrow because unfortunately Printful doesn't save any of the other mockups and requires you to literally remake the shirt in the generator 🙄) but this is all great advice. I'm also going to link my collections in each description to help with my atrocious bounce rate (most of my traffic is landing on two particular shirts so I think people are getting there, seeing the shirt with no clear indication as to how to explore the rest of the site, and bouncing out) going to really hit home the materials these shirts are made of. A few tweaks, organizing my collections, and getting some better designs should get me on the path to my first sale!