Would appreciate an evaluation of my store

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Greetings All,

I would greatly appreciate an evaluation of my store. (www.burmesecatworld.com) I have at the moment little traffic and virtually no sales but before I invest more money into getting traffic, I would like to improve my store to hopefully improve the conversion rate.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Edward! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :) 


Great looking store! I love that you have a defined niche and are consistent with it. 


Consider optimizing your featured hero image further - add a CTA [call to action] button, such as "Shop Now" linking to a relevant collection or product:


Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 17.09.08.png


This way you will prompt visitors to click and browse your collections, which will improve your conversion rate [sales] and SEO [dwell time/time spent on your website].


For some reason your collection page couldn't load on my laptop fully - the screen just froze. See if you have similar issues as well, there could be issue with the coding/loading speed. 


Here are a few guides that might help:


Looking for a more detailed critique? Reserve your FREE website audit here: https://www.rockpapercopy.com/audit/


Best regards,


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Hi @munws123 


Iris here from the Social Care team, thank you for reaching out to us today. I'm more than happy to provide you feedback.


Here my recommendations:




Have you thought about creating a logo or positioning the written text of the cat photo on a corner? If you are thinking to create one, you can use Hatchful, this app is free and supported by Shopify. There are hundreds of designs to choose from.


Bottom of the store


At the bottom of the store, I would recommend adding some more pages or icons since right now there are some blank spaces as you can see in the photo.



To add some icons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. You have to navigate to online store > themes > customize > theme settings > social media > social media. This way your customers can have easy access to all Social Media channels you are on.




I have noticed that there are some format mistakes in the FAQ page, as you can see in the photo some of the points have been spaced, but not them all. I would recommend you to review all the pages including the policies.

I have found this blog 9 Ways to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales that helps you to understand why is important to build trust and credibility and a few ways to achieve that.




I see that you have only one picture on the main page, have you thought about adding some more? Since I don't know what theme you are currently using I would recommend you check your theme editor to see if you have this option.

Most themes should allow you to add multiple images but if your theme doesn't have this option, there are a few apps that can help you with this.


I hope this has been helpful and congratulations on your store.



Iris | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I think your store is off to a decent start. What jumped out to me was the use of the phrase "our supplier" in your FAQ. That makes your customers think the products are coming from someone other than you. Consider changing the phrase to "Our products".


You need a size chart for all of your apparel items. How are we supposed to know what exactly a Small, Medium or Large is? 


Also, go into your product page and change the color options to exclude all the code. Just use words like white, black etc. 


The use of a logo I would encourage. Canva is a great place to make free and simple logos. 


Just my thoughts.


Good luck :) 



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Hi @munws123! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I've had the chance to view your store and I think so far, it's great. I admire that you went with a niche - in my opinion, it's the best route to take and will benefit you in the long run. Upon scanning it as well, I gathered the following insights.


  • The simplicity is commendable - it makes it easy to navigate. But I think it might be a bit too simple, perhaps you'd want to consider other elements which I will be enumerating below.
  • Your header photo and the copy that comes along with it are great, very witty in my opinion! Have you considered using a slider where you can add featured products/collections? It could be a good way to drive exposure to your products.
  • In relation to the slider, I think adding a featured product section could also help out. Choose a product that you think would sell best among the ones you currently have.
  • Nice touch with the collections list! Perhaps you also might want to do a featured collection where you dedicate a section to a specific collection? This entails showing the prices of each on your Home page.
  • I also had the chance to view your product names - some are great and original but some still have simple names? An example would be your mug collection - some are named creatively but some are just named mug. It'd be great to be consistent with naming!
  • Your footer seems to take a bit too much space - I'd recommend distributing the links you included. 
  • Consider social media as a tool for marketing, by linking your store's socials to your site. The challenge is to dedicate conceptualising a social media strategy that would market your products. Similar to the previous two items, get creative with your captions. You can also tap into influencers to help drive traffic and sales to your store - and note this doesn't have to be expensive. Take this online store owner's Reddit post for example.
  • Last but not the least are paid ads. If you have a budget dedicated for ads, then make the most out of the functionalities of platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, and/or Instagram in supporting sponsored ads. For maximum effectivity, be sure to fill in the metrics properly.

So far these are all I have and I hope they will be of help to you! Also, I wanted to ask what dropshipping app you're using to source out products from? Have you had the chance to check out Spocket? We have quite a lot of pet items that might interest you. Most of them come from EU-based and US-based suppliers and can ship items in as fast as 3-5 days! If you want to learn more, you can check out Spocket's official website and join Spocket's official Facebook group.




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Hey Edward

First of all Congratulation for starting a New Store. It seems you have just started and I would like to provide my inputs.


1, Try putting a slider at the top as it will look more attractive.

2. Removed the Powered by Shopify from the footer
3. As you are doing niche and specifically interested with Cat Lover Audience you must consider working on the Design and Theme that could go with your concept,

4, If you are running google ads then you must target speific keywords

5. Add a Blog Section and share with the world why you are into the business and how much you care what you do,

6. Order Tracking in the Top Menu does'nt seem to be a great idea you can add it somewhere in the footer.
7 Add a favicon

I hope you like the suggestions





Karshit Bhargava
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@munws123 ,

Improvements to be done for getting conversions and sales:-

1. The first fold of the website should always have a call to action in it - 

And here’s why; in most cases placing the CTA above the fold works wonders for your campaigns. This placement immediately draws your visitors’ attention to your CTA which is always good for conversions.

2. Add social media link in the footer in follow us section. Also, the latest news section in the footer seems to be happy.

3. After displaying the collection list on the homepage. Display product recommendations.

4. You can start giving Loyalty Points and Rewards to WOW your customers. This will increase repeat purchase and customer lifetime value by giving points and rewards that give customers more reasons to return to your store.

5. Add web push notifications, it will help you to retarget your customers even when they are not on your store. It will also reduce the abandoned cart rate.

6. Add a chatbot to make sure you never lose any of your customers. Every visitor can be your customer.

7. Add a referral program. Referral marketing is a cost-effective way to gain new and loyal customers. Because people are social creatures, individuals that are referred to your company are much more likely to remain loyal customers.


If you would like to implement all these I would suggest you to install AiTrillion.com It has all the features in a single app and is a fully integrated app. It is all in one Shopify app. Plus you don't need to install multiple apps. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Thanks very much for your advice Maggie.

I'll start working through your suggestions

as well as all the others I have been given

and perhaps submit the Store again in say 4 months

time for a re-appraisal.




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My thanks to everyone who has given me suggestions/advice.

I'll start working my way through them and am sure my store

will benefit greatly.


Kind Regards,