Would appreciate feedback on my store

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Hello. I'd love to get feedback on my stores overall design (colors, layout, etc) as well as usability as a shopper.  I use the Debut theme.


It's been live for just over a year and recently updated. Thank you in advance for your input!  - Craig

Hello @Craig419 

My name is Victor and I'm a certified Shopify partner. 

First of all congratulation on completely buiding up your store at https://fish419.com/

Here are some few thoughts i have in mind that could help you improve your store:

1. You need to have a sticky header menu which stick with the screen when your site viewer scroll down on your page to create a convinience experience where they dont have to scroll up to find the menu and explore the next section of your page.

2. Nice job adding the chat box on the bottom right corner of the screen, however adding one more button of "back to top" feature would be very nice to help customer re-browse your site content.

3. About the feature images of all your feature collections, those images are small but pack with too many small item in it which make it look bad and hard to highlight the beauty of each product inside those pictures.

4.Try chaning the backround of the images for tech items like ear bud or watches. I know the theme of the store is about the sea but adding the blue wooden floor background behind those product look unatural and make the product inside looks too cheap and unfit to buy.


4. Finally, the white spaces on both rears of the feature collection are too board and it is a huge waste if you dont optimize that space by making the collections's feature images become bigger with hover effect so that it look more proffessional.


Here is a possible of how the collection images should look like:


5. In term of the slide show ,you should put it on top not the nearly end of the page so that people dont have to scroll down and wait to see important information about your site being display anymrore.

6. Adding an online map to show the physical location of your store is a must in order to gain new and loyal customers.

I hope these thing will help you improve your store!






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Great feedback. I'm not sure how many of these are possible with the Debut theme itself, but I will check on modifications if not. I appreciate the time you took to look at this!  

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Hi @Craig419 !

If your website doesn’t have a blog already, make creating one a priority. But if you have a blog, it gives people a reason to keep coming back. Blogs also help improve your SEO because you’re constantly adding new content to your page.

90% of people read reviews before purchasing an item. I personally do not read the description too much, I go straight on to the reviews section because that is social proof. In my opinion that is essential for every site. I highly recommend (almost insist) and adding that feature on your site. You can use Growave for that, it offers automated emails within the Reviews feature as well.

Social media has become a huge thing nowadays. I highly recommend taking advantage of that and adding Instagram galleries on your homepage. It will help drive traffic from your site on to your account and vice versa.

The items on your store are something that will most likely be purchased by one person several times. For better customer retention I recommend using Rewards program by Growave, that will give out various discounts depending on how much a person has spent on your store or how many actions he/she has completed (left a review, shared the site, created an account, etc.)

The sale you have seems to be a nice deal, however, when you make such a big amount off it might devalue your product. People always need to know why you have made such sales, is it a seasonal sale? or is it because there is no demand for it? Does that mean the product is bad? 

Instead of giving a discount for nothing, give them rewards for completing certain actions on your store ex. for creating accounts, for leaving a review, for sharing your site, for spending money on your site. It is not difficult for a user to do and you will get so many actions on your site, and you are having discounts anyway.

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that has
- Visual Reviews with automated emails
- Loyalty&Rewards
- Wishlist
- Instagram
- Social Login + more

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Thanks for your insights, Adelia.  All are very good updates I will consider.  Why include Instagram galleries when I have a focus gallery?  I'm not sure I understand that suggestion.

Thank you for your time!  - Craig

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Hey there, @Craig419!  

Congrats on the Shopify store! I bet it’s been a long year, but you’re doing great. I’m more than happy to give you some feedback.


  • I like that your email subscription is at the top of the page and easy to close. It’s not distracting, but it’s noticeable as well. 
  • COVID impact statement: I like that you have it, but I don’t think it needs to be up at this point. I would include it in your footer and call it good. 
  • Hero image: My biggest issue here is that I don’t know what you sell. While I like the use of a single image, maybe including someone fishing off the dock would make it easier to relate your brand with your products. Also, put the CTA button in a different color so that it stands out. 
  • Instead of jumping straight into products, I would highlight your collections. It’s going to help your visitors see what you offer instead of being forced to look at specific products that they may or may not be interested in. 
  • Use a click heatmap to see where people click and a scroll heatmap to understand how deep they scroll on your site. That will help you see what visitors see or miss.
  • For your products, I would take a step back and make it easier to sort through them. When I land on your homepage, the first six products are all polarized HD perfection sunglasses. The prices range from $40 to $220, but you haven’t made it clear why one is better or more expensive than the others. I would step back and evaluate your products to see if there are too many and the options are distracting/confusing visitors. Just looking at this page, I would say there’s plenty of room to pare it down so that visitors can clearly decide what they want to buy.
  • Be mindful of features that serve no purpose on the homepage. Like the “Live. Love. Life” feature or the slideshow about your footer. Since they aren’t linked or add value to your visitors, they can’t engage with it. 


  • Fish 419 gear: Instead of your slogan, I would put your contact information here. 
  • Newsletter: Add value to it! Remember your great announcement bar that doubled as a newsletter form? That was more effective than this form. At the very least, you need to mention what they’ll get from it like a discount.
  • Quick links: The order here may be off. Use your click heatmaps to see which ones are more clicked than others, and move those pages to the top of your list.
  • Privacy Policy: Link your URLs mentioned and your email address. 
  • Terms of Service: Link your email address.
  • Refund Policy: Linked your email address (in multiple places) 
  • What’s 419? Since this is the same thing as “Our Story,” I would get rid of one or other other. 
  • Military & First Responders: I would make the button stand out a little more and clean up your graphic. It’s a little hard to read and is a bit blurry. 
  • Contact: Make sure the Contact page is linked here as well. 

Main Navigation

  • I like your layout a lot in that it’s not overly heavily on pages and is easy to follow.’
  • Use session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website, to watch what happened during a visit. What are they missing? Where are they clicking? How are they moving from the homepage to your product page?
  • Also use heatmaps to see where people click. If people aren’t clicking on About or Contact, you may be able to keep those pages in the footer rather than dedicate space for them in the main navigation.

Collection Pages

For references, I’m on the Apparel collection page. 

  • You don’t need a collection introduction. “A selection of custom designed T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Fishing Shirts reflecting the "Fish On" lifestyle” isn’t going to be a deal maker for your visitors.  
  • I love to see a good filter, but unfortunately you don’t have the best options. There are many duplicates, and the options don’t help your visitors refine your products to identify just what they are looking for.
  • Comb through your products like a visitor would.  There are many instances where it can be confusing. For example, on the Polarized Sunglasses collection, there are many collections that share essentially the same products. I know I’m picking on sunglasses today, but it’s an ongoing concern that may be confusing for your visitors:LuckyDanny_0-1602258362126.png


  • In general, be more consistent with your product images. Some products have a white background and others have a different background. Some are more staged marketing images while others feel more “real.” Keep it consistent. 

Product Pages

For reference, I’m on the Crowely Clay Crusher Polarized Sunglasses page.

  • Reiterate your shipping costs at the top of the page with a link to the shipping policy.
  • You’re walking a really tight line here. Most of your products are for fishing, but this product is only promoting hunting. I would lose the hunting focus and recenter it on fishing instead.
  • Your description is fine and formatted well, however that isn’t the same for other product pages. Make sure it’s consistent across the board. For example, this product page needs some formatting work
  • Add a link to your lens color guide. That was really helpful! 
  • Make sure you add a reviews tab so that customers can leave their opinions. Visitors love to read them! Include a review invitation in your post-purchase confirmation.

Wrapping it up

Craig, you’re doing a LOT right. You need to be very proud of all the work you’ve put into your store. It really does show. Visitor behavior is going to help you deep dive into why more visitors aren’t converting and what’s impacting their experience. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, polls and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps, Craig! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Excellent feedback!  Thank you for your assessment and insight!