Would appreciate some feedback on my store!

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I have had my store up since february and I am still struggling with getting sales after tweeking and tweeking and tweeking. Would appreciate some feedback as to what I can do to increase sales on my webiste. I get about 200 visiters a day, but few cart adds and conversions. worked on seo, facebook targeted ads, retarged ads, email campaigns, paying social media gurus, please help!! www.ycddiscounts.com Much appreciated

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Just a thought.

Have you tried moving your popular items to the first section right at the top?

Maybe the shop for icons can be moved since they are right underneath the navigation bar which has all those options anyway.

Good luck



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Hi Andrew! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your homepage takes a long time to load, consider reducing its size by featuring fewer items - remember, in retail 'less is more'. Also consider updating your template, the current one you are using doesn't match your branding - blue doesn't match the ecommerce store, as it doesn't prompt action [purchasing decision]. Color psychology comes handy sometimes!

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