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So i have started a dropshipping store, offering a watch and i know from another dropshipping page offering the same watch that its a winning product. I offer the watch for a much cheaper price and In my opinion my product page and the images look amazing. My creative on facebook advertising is as well pretty good. I have a cpm of like 30 cents which is very low. I have invested like 150 euros in advertising I got lots of traffic but only 1 sale which is quite disappointing. I have tried several times changing my product page, using different themes, images and so on... but nothing improved my conversion rate. Can someone help me out? Whats the problem? Is my product perhaps not a winning product? 

Thanks in advance

Link to my product: https://dreamify-de.com/collections/bestseller/products/elegante-glasuhr

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Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us.


When you say that you are sure that this is a winning product, how are you sure? Is it currently a winning product? Or was it a winning product? Have you missed the opportunity for this particular product? What market research did you conduct to determine that the product is still in demand? 


Do you understand your audience as well as your competitors? Are they approaching their target audience in unique ways? 


In terms of website design, the work done so far is quite basic, and there a couple of suggestions I'd like to make:


  • There isn't much work done on the branding element, is this intentional? You could create a logo for your business using our free logo maker, Hatchful

  • You could add a favicon to your store

  • There is no About Us, we have no idea who you are, what your mission statement is, or why you are selling these products. You can learn how to write a persuasive About Us here. 

  • The single item Navigation is quite distracting in its simplicity. How about adding some navigation content? 
  • There are no call-to-actions on the landing page at all. 

I think there is a lot of work to be done on the site in terms of site design, user experience, and branding. 

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify 
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