Would like some feedback on my store please

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Started it yesterday trying hard to make it look nice.

I appreciate if you could have a look.


Thank you,





Hi Jeny,

Congrats on the launch of your new site.

You did a good job. The homepage is informative without being cluttered. Your product pages are also well done.

Your social media links don't work. You might want to fix that.

Other than this, well done and good luck!


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I like it, and i also like the 'About You' link as opposed to calling it an 'About Me' done a great job :)

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MUCH appreciated.    The last website I put up was really bad so I am glad this one is looking better.

Thank you both VERY much!

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Nice website, I understand what your trying to do.

1.Theres no color scheme

Customers will not take the website as serious.

2. Footer Links and Footer is to huge! 

Customers dislike this.

3. Theres no color scheme on footer.


And few more problems

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