Would like some real feedback on my shop

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Like a lot of e-tailers right now, with the corvid-19, my income has been seriously wacked. For the month of April I did -$80.00 in net profit - lost money across all my sales channels...Shocking! Needless to say, I've got zero budget spend right now for anything much at all. Fortunately, my site is officially generating sales, paying for itself and making me profit this month! Whew! but I need to improve my conversion rate. I have around 2500 or so past customer emails in my customer database... so I am getting back to trying to finish off the look and feel of the thing and get my conversions where I need them before I do my first email marketing campaign to introduce these past buyers to my store website. 


This is a link to my pending work in progress site pre-publication:



My present to-do - list

Mobile version banner image that is mobile friendly (Ugh and fix spelling errors in the banner...sigh)
Footer - have the gray stretched to fill the screen

Rollout - Tracking app for customer accounts; rollout auto discount for first time buyers. (already selected these apps)

Clean-up the "My Account" link left nav

improve the functionality of my search

Format login/signup pages

Rollout a Rewards program - (already selected the app I am going to rollout)

Review shopping cart options - I'm going to have to go outside of Shopify for a one page checkout page i believe.

Uninstall some apps I decided I really did not need; which requires a final code clean.

Address page speed/load times.


Unfortunately, since I can no longer afford a designer, it is going to be pretty much what you see is what it's gonna be for now...less the stuff I can manage, or get shopify to do for free :) However, I operate on things to do lists, so getting solid recommendations would be great so even not being able ($) to do them now, I can budget for them in the future.


Thoughts? Recommendations? I'll take site examples as well :)


Thanks so much in advance for taking time to look things through!!!!

Take care!