Would love constructive criticism of my shop :)

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We love to hear some constructive criticism for the shop I help manage. :)

I have gotten 500 Views on my products on IG but no sale. This is the store https://babygeniusgang.com/

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I'm not an expert. Your shop looks great to my eyes and you have great products!! So cute!!

The only thing that stands out to me is your LOGO is fuzzy and small. 

Your lines of products look well organized!


Good Luck!




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Hey BabyGeniusGang, welcome to the Shopify family!

After taking a look at your website, I have thought of some feedbacks

1. The currency setting at the top right is not changing the currency value of products as required. Please check this.

2. Keep the Homepage of your website clean with a simple web design. First impressions are 94% design-related. Also just keep the best-selling and Featured products at homepage.

3. Invite customers to be part of your community. set up a blog and keep publishing fresh content out once in two weeks and this will allow you to drive traffic, help in starting conversations and build credibility.

4. Add some kind of stickers to showcase stuff like trending, running out fast, back in stock, hot seller etc.  Apps in Shopify app store can help with this by making the process very easy & simple. Also having some more trending or sale products in Home page will quickly grab customers attention. It'll also boost your sales.

Try these feedbacks out and if you want more help, feel free to message me back anytime :D

PS: CoVid offer for all stores at https://community.shopify.com/c/COVID-19-Partner-Offers/Free-Credits-for-In-Store-Conversion-Sticker...

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