Would love feedback on my store.

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My store www.geezrs.com, has been open for several months but I just recently started actively pursuing traffic and sales... transitioning from a full time job so I didn't have a lot of spare time until now.


I am using google shopping with no success. Frankly, I like to have more control and live or die of my own accord. I am also doing search ads and have pretty good keyword quality scores and ctr's. Getting all the traffic that my budget allows but after hundreds of visits, no sales or add to cart's. My products are herbal supplements so FB reg's won't allow me to advertise there. I am doing a lot of research and looked at other feedback requests for answers so I am making tweaks... adding social media acct's, I have physical address info, added chat, good photography etc. but could use some professional feedback.


A specific question is this, is there a way to do a "first purchase discount" so just a customers first purchase is discounted but not future ones?


Thanks in advance








Hi Tom 


Why don't you stop using paid marketing and go do organic (free) marketing. Build a connection with your audience and give them a awesome feeling when they interact with your brand. 



Clayton Bates 

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Dear Geezrs,


Congratulations for your store.


Hope Few suggestions will help you:


1. Optimize your page loading speed for Mobile

2. Go for SEO

3. Do remarketing

4. Add social proof 

5. Add some more information at product page

6. Do e-mail marketing

7. Check your cart page,checkout page for UX/UI


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Hey Geezrs,

Offering vouchers to first-time customers, a direct price-off incentive, a percentage-based incentive which works the same as cash and value-added offers are the ways through which first-time discounts can be offered without promoting further discounts.

  1. Insert a bar on the header of the store to highlight your one-time discount offer.
  2. Add bestsellers to the homepage for improving customer choice.
  3. Discounts should be offered to enhance customer engagement.
  4. Add customer reviews below every product to strengthen customer trust.
  5. The word "shipping" in Shipping policies should have S capital in the footer.
  6. You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  7. Finally, I would also recommend replacing the default search with an advanced search like Sparq which allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
    Check out the features live here.

Hope your store gets ample sales very soon.


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Hey Tom,

Was poke around your site and made some notes:

1. There were some pages that didn't have much content (e.g. no products in the collection.)

- You might want to delete this because it doesn't add to the user experience

- It can be quite annoying on mobile too

2. Navigation

- Under "Products", you have lots of pages that aren't really about products

- E.g. Shipping policies 

- You might want to your Shipping Policies as a footer on your product pages or under another tab

3. Social Profiles

- The Instagram account doesn't seem to have much activity + their aren't many pictures there that showcase the product

- For Facebook, you have quite a few inspirational quotes in the text, try putting them as images.

- For platforms like FB + Insta, nobody really reads that much. The images have to convey most of the message

Working on...
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2. Strategy + Tactics: Marketing Blog
3. Want store feedback? Try this free tool (You gotta give to receive)
4. 60-day SEO email course
5. FB Marketing 102 email newsletter
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Thank you neha-sparq for your input. I am working on those issues now. Can you answer me this... I found where I can add a one time discount but it requires a discount code inputed by the customer. How/where should I provide that code to my customers?




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Took me a while to figure out what you're selling.

Need better product  photos.

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Well, Ocean_Boulevard, thanks for your input. I hate to sound like an ingrate but... are kidding or for real? I mean, there is a big title below the  main banner/video, that says "Our Products" and the two categories below it have nice photos and clearly marked names... What more should I do? Additionally, the product photos are professional shots, provided by the manufacturer and are the same shots they use on their page. Granted, they are pill bottles and not that exiting to look at but their quality is great.


I know you took time to review my site so thank you but I'm not sure what more I would do with either of those issues.


Hey there!

Overall the site looks great!

Given your target market, you may want to consider increasing your font size - especially on the blog and other text-heavy pages. 

I'd also suggest removing any menu items which don't have content - like your "Buy Gaia Essential Oils" page. In this case, the additional menu item just adds to the decision process for the customer and, should they choose that option, presents a potential point of frustration.


Again, given that your target market may utilize accessibility tools like screen readers, etc you may want to look at what improvements can be made to support such technologies. There are several sites you can run your pages through to get suggestions like this. 


Here is one I found which shows a number of improvements that could be made:



For the first purchase discount, our app Glow will actually let you do this. You can set the app to award a specific number of points when the customer signs up and then create the discount you'd like for that number of points. The customer can then redeem their points for the discount on their first purchase.

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You said you you've been open for months with no sales...well theres a reason:

Yes theres a big title but yet still it's confusing as I along with others have expressed the same sentiment;

You have "our products" but yet your slideshow hero images dont give any obvious indication of whats you're selling. Your heron images need to show your actual product;

You have "professional" product photos but they dont inspire or encourage me to find out more or click to buy. Why would you use manufacturer photos? They're obviously already a big company that people know and trust; people don't know you so you need to tell your own story;

The photo for your Gear is a man pointing to a woman's sticking out her chest.

If you want to get upset and take out your frustration in here, go right ahead. I wish you All the best on this journey!
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