Would love feedback on my store.

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And another thing i learned over the years, stop listening to everybody in here who starts off with "your site looks great!" Those are usually Shopify gurus doing their job and making sure you keep paying your subscription fees, or third party developers trying to get you to buy into their services. Its not an easy road but its worth it!
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My Pleasure! Happy to help you. You can provide discount codes either through an email sign up in the customer's inbox or inform the customer through pop up alerts as well.

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You are right about that. I have looked at some of these "great looking sites" and thought they were awful.


You misinterpreted my reply. I was sincere and frankly, I thought the slider does a good job of selling the lifestyle, which is what we are really doing. As for the photos, maybe I can find a way to make them flashier.


The reason I didn't have any sales for months was because I never tried to push the site at all, zero. I had one or two sessions on a good day. That was by design since I wasn't quite ready to dive in.