Would love feedback on our dog jewellery store 🐶

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Have recently gone live and looking for as much feedback as I can before we start spending to help acquire customers.


Store: https://www.mydogme.com/



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Hi @mydogme,


Nick here from Shopify. 


Really great work on your store so far. I think your photography and your store layout makes it clear what you are about, who you are appealing to and what you sell. I also like your "About Us" page and the mix you have with pictures and text with your store. I did see a few things which could be added or applied to take yourself to the next level. Let's take a look at them below:


  • I took a look at your Instagram and think you have done a fantastic job. Leveraging Instagram through organic engagement is a good way to build a consistent, involved and loyal fan base. The idea of talking to dog lovers (where there are plenty of them) on Instagram with genuine conversations about a topic you both love will create curiosity about your profile and hopefully lead the people you talk to, to your store. While this technique does not involve a large monetary commitment it does take time and effort. A Shopify Expert spoke to a store which has applied and used this technique to great success on a podcast which you can listen to here. For example, a lot of people even have profiles for their dogs on Instagram and this I envision as a gold mine for you to engage with. 
  • When you mentioned in your post about spending to help acquire customers, Facebook ads is what came to mind. Your first few Facebook ad campaigns should be based around finding the right audience for your products, which will take some testing but that is normal. You are quite lucky in the fact that there are a lot of dog lovers and it is easy to identify them with your ads. The method is called the 3x3x3 method. It involves creating three different ads with three different sets of copy/ images targeted at three different audiences with the same budget. As time passes by, you will see some ads performing better than others based on the criteria and content within the ad. You can begin to drop off the ads not doing very well and increase the budget on the ads doing well. From this, you can build an audience list and understand who your target demographic is. There are some tutorials about the 3x3x3 method online going into it in more detail, one of which you can see here
  • One final thing I picked up on was that there was no Shipping page. This is more of a nitpick than anything and not always necessary, but it is worth thinking about. An individual shipping page is useful even if it's to say that during holiday periods, shipping might take a little longer or something like that. This will reduce the number of potential customers reaching out to you directly and taking up your time. Shopify's partner Oberlo wrote a great blog with some examples of some top Shipping pages which are worth a look here

You are in a great place and can focus some time on the marketing side of things because of that. 


Wishing you the best with everything going forward. 


Cheers, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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