Would love some feedback on my Shopify store

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Hi Shopify Community.

I'd really appreciate some feedback on my Shopify store and advice on the next steps would be fantastic.

Had a few sales since we opened but need to step it up.

Kind regards




This is an accepted solution.

Hi TheLostGecko,

Store is beautiful! Some immediate opportunities I see are the following (obviously all subjective) :

  • Add Google Analytics to get better insight to how people are using your website. I see Facebook Pixel is installed, great!
  • Landing Page Text — Currently reads, "New Range". I might suggest replacing that with some kind of value proposition. For example: "Creative Clothing inspired by Beautiful People Around the World". 
  • Upgrade to a custom domain name.
  • The Product Page is great, for Desktop view I suggest switching the checkout form (color, size, add to cart) to the right side of the page and the product description to the left. English speaking people tend to start on the left side of the page.

Let me know what you think or if you need some help.

All the best,


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Thats brilliant Kyle, thanks so much.

I'll make those changes.

I need all the help I can get!

Mainly marketing and making sales Kyle, like most folks!