Would love some feedback on my new Yoga store


Hi Rowan 


I would add loads of value to your visitors and customers. Build a emotion connection. 


Blogs: I would add lots of blog posts. I recommend at least three to start with. This can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also. 


Landing Page: You could add a page really focused on your target customers. Adding real value to their life and then giving them the sales pitch. 

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Social Media: I couldn't see any social media links. If you haven't already I would start Instagram account only focused on adding value to your target audience. Have you heard of the book Jab , Jab , Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk? Good book to read about building brand on social media. View on Amazon CLICK HERE 


About Page: I love how you have put your name and face to your brand. I rarely see anyone doing this and I believe its very important. 


I can see this store means a lot to you. Keep up the great work. I remember what it was like when I opened my first Shopify Store 5 years ago. You're definitely on the right track.  



Clayton Bates 

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