Would love some feedback on my store!

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Hey all! Would love some feedback on my Shopify store. Launched in December 2017, I've had 410 orders in this time. Traffic is a work in progress - most seems to be coming from social media and direct at this stage. Always trying to improve though and would love to get your feedback! Conversion rate is 2.88%

Currently playing around with international shipping costs, using the bold geo-locater currency converter app, and implementing a location based free shipping bar in an attempt to get more international sales. 

The website is www.twowhitesocks.com :) 

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Hey awesome job on your newfound success in Shopify that's a really awesome that you're able to get so many sales.

I really like your logo and I think your products are really snazzy. I also think that you have some really great product images as well as job also with the message us Facebook link at the bottom I think that really helps build a lot of trust in your brand.

I think one thing you could consider adding would be a phone number so that people could call you if they had any questions or had returns.

Also it would be great if you had an FAQ or you could talk about different problems or issues that people may have had so people don't need to contact you as much in the future.

also I was wondering if you'd ever considered branching out of riding socks those socks look really great for hiking and skiing I would really actually consider wearing those just around I know that you may have already Niche down into riding socks but maybe consider branching out some more.

also I noticed that when you collect email addresses you also collect the first name well I think that's a good thing to collect the name maybe you could consider only collect in the email address or maybe a B test that because I think that every extra field somebody has to fill out is another point at which they may become annoyed and not give you their email.

also I noticed that you don't have any trust badges on your product page it could be a useful thing to have some badges so people will feel more secure about buying from you.

I also noticed that your buy button isn't always visible think about mobile users imagine they are reading your awesome description and they are ready to buy but they've already scroll past your buy button and now they need to scroll all the way back up in order to click purchase you should always have your buy button within a thumbs reach away because it's the most important button in your entire store and right now it kind of Blends in with the rest of your site. I created an app that can help you with that. https://apps.shopify.com/better-sticky-checkout-button-increase-your-sales

Also when I first enter your site I'm not entirely sure what you are selling I can guess that it is a sock company but I had no idea that it was riding socks until I started reading more about your sites maybe you should have a title or Banner or something that specifies that it's horse riding socks because I don't actually know what I'm looking at until I do a deeper dive and people on the internet have a very short attention spans so you want to let them know that they are in the right place the moment they enter your site.