Would love you to review my store

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Hello, everyone

I am just finishing the new website for my business and I would like to receive some critical feedback about it.

Please review it, point out all the mistakes you see and send some helpful tips for fixing the design, social media and other buttons, pages, etc.

Here it is: www.rubbishless.com


*despite using social media accounts and advertising, what are some other methods i can do to boost the traffic to the website?




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Hi rocketman654,


Congratulations for your new site. The work you do is great for the environment :).


  1. First of all, make your get a quote functional, make a new page with a form and ask people to fill in the details such as Name, Phone, Address, Service they are interested in.
  2. Put this link on the each service as book a service now. 
  3. Take off the pages if you don't have the content yet ex, testimonials.
  4. Put contact details, email, phone number in new paragraph so that it is highlighted and if possible add contact form on the contact page.
  5. Currently the site works more as branding and less as service store, you need to add actionable links on the site and guide the visitor to the whole workflow. 


I think these are some starter points, once you sort these out, you can make other cosmetics changes later. 


May it rains customers and orders,

Neha :)


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Hey @rocketman654!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us!


You've done a great job on creating a clear call-to-action on your site. There's also a great emphasis on all your social media accounts, which provides some essential social proof for your customers. The 'why' is consistent and clear from your site copy, and the images are crisp.


There are some areas I'd like to add some feedback on:


1) Testimonials: when browsing a customer may expect these to be feedback from your customers, attesting to your excellence, whereas now it's still an About Us.


2) Contact Us: have you considered including a contact us form on this page, rather than just listing the contact options available? You can read about how to do that here.


3) Home in your Navigation: when I click this it's bringing me back to a 404 bad page request, can you review the page that this is linked to in Online Store > Navigation. You can relink it to your Home from there, and remove that 404.


4) Request a Quote page: this appears to be empty, are you adding that in soon? I'd like to take a look at it and test it.


5) I noticed that there is a separate bar of social media buttons under the footer options on your site, these appear to be redirecting to your theme designers social media profiles. I would suggest removing these.




6) It looks like your domain might not be fully propagated as it's displaying as 'Not Secure' in my browser. Is it a third party domain? Be sure to have a look over the DNS settings and ensure they match the A and CNAME records found here. 

7) Boosting Traffic: to start working on some organic traffic and improving your Search Engine Optimization, I would highly recommend starting a blog for your business. We have some great resources in our Help Centre here that can assist with starting your SEO strategy.


Have you officially launched the store? How has it been going?


Let me know if this helps!


Cal | Social Care @ Shopify

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Hi rocketman654,


  • You have a great store design.
  • In top menu, home item link is broken -> it's going to 404 page.
  • Contact page has a dummy content and this page is hard to read use some paragraph.
  • The About us page style is not compatible with the other pages of your store.
  • Request a quote page doen't have any form.
  • Your store doesn't have a favicon. A favicon is a small, iconic image that represents your website. Favicons are most often found in the tab of your web browser. You can find information to how you can add here.
  • Google+ is closed so you have to remove google+ icons.
  • In homepage, Get a Free Quote button doesn't work.

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