Would love your feedback on my new Shopify store.

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I recently created my store and want it to look professional and ready for the word see and purchase products from me.

I have added a logo and I would like to know if the sizing of the logo is okay.

The menu bar across the top with air purifiers had this weird drop down that I don't know how to get rid of. 

Please provide additional feedback in any other area that you think maybe helpful.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!



Hi @CQG,

I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Landing Page Builder. Congratulate on your first store. So I have some comments on your homepage. May it help!

1. Unnecessary sticky section

It’s great that you made your header sticky on your home page, which helps customer reach to the menu navigation and search field easily when they land anywhere on your page.

But it would be better if you only make the menu and search field area sticky. The sticky banner that is under the menu is unnecessary. It makes your image banner not show entirely on the first screen and also makes customers feel uncomfortable when they scan the content on your page.

Elite Air Purifiers 2020-08-23 00-29-53.png

 You can put it as a separate section on your page.

2. The image banner

The image banner is the first thing that customers pay their attention when visiting your page. It better shows clearly what you are selling. With your current banner, it haven’t shown clearly this.

For the first slide in your image banner, the text is hard to see because it blends with the banner (you can see the image above). And the buttons is not the same style. You should either change “Shop now” to “Order Air Purifiers Now” or change “Order Filters Now” to “Shop Now” or “Order Now”. I suggest the second idea.

3. The secondary image

I see that you set the secondary image that will show when hovering over product image for some products. You should apply this for all products.

However, I’m quite confused about a products. It’s an air purifier but when I hover it, I see an image of filter.


 You should check all products.

4. Add more content

I think you can add more content on your home page. A featured product, the outstanding point of the product, the features of product…Customers have many useful product information to read.

5. Add a newsletter form

Add a newsletter form at the bottom of your page or in the footer can help you collect customer information, which serves your re-marketing campaigns.

I believe that you can make your homepage more amazing. You can check this article to get some tips and improve your home page. Have a nice day!

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