Would this store work in the US? www.Power-PubQuiz.com

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Our customers are predominantly in the UK with some in Hong Kong, Canada and Korea. Please may I have your feedback on the general look of the store and whether this store would work in the US market or if I would need to build a new US specific store? Asking as we have started to get some organic traffic from the US but no sales. www.power-pubquiz.com




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Hi Mike.


The overall design is ok, but there are lots of room for improvement. I honestly think the design is the least of your issue. 


It took me quite a while to understand what you are selling. I read the title as "PDF Quiz packs", but only upon closer inspection at the product description did I understand and get it. You will lose a normal customer in less than 3 seconds.


Why not move your testimonial and things that will help the customer learn you are to the top?


What does the B## mean?


You have many different quizzes. Better categorization would help out here. 


Replace and remove text in your product images. Images are not for reading. It's to make it easier to find what I'm looking for.

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Thanks Jason for your feedback,


It is interesting what you say about understanding the product. It may be that this would need to be adjusted if we were targeting the American market as I know the terminology differs there and bars have "Trivia Nights" rather than the British  who have "Quiz Nights". Our average site visit time is 120 seconds with 2.62 pages per session so visitors stick around for a while. Sales conversion is about 2.6%


I recently moved the products to the top of the page as previously had the testimonial and information sections above which meant the products were below the fold. I may change the layout back in line with your suggestion.


B## is just our product referencing as we also have Powerpoint quizzes which are A##.


Noted on the product images, I will look at this.

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