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AbouHigh_res.jpgt a little over a month ago I created my own clothing line (High Enough Clothing). I have gotten a fair amount of traffic, but no sales. Im starting to become discouraged with seeing the massive amounts of competition in this industry. 

so, I want to ask you Shopify users. If you were looking for clothing, and had the money to spend, would you buy from my store? are any of the products compelling? 


Any other feedback is appreciated too. 


- Thank You


Website: www.highenough.store 


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I clicked onto men's women's and others.... and nothing comes up

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Hey, there!


Jason here from Shopify Support.


I like the color scheme of your store. The clever use of black and white offers a modern and sleek vibe. As you've mentioned in the post, the market you're in is competitive. After a deep dive in your store, I don't think the issue is with your products. Rather, your store currently isn't really user-friendly. Without this key element, it's very likely that your visitors are bouncing off fairly quickly. There are a few things you can tweak to improve your store's user experience.


  1. You've got a great logo. It speaks so well with your brand. Are you aware that your logo isn't showing up properly on your store? 29_24-rzm3t-yxlx129_25-coz5d-tspfrThe logo from your header section is going over the breakpoint. The one in hero image section is cropped due to the image size not fitting the section. Since you aren't using one of the Shopify themes, I recommend you contact the theme developer to fix the header issue and the correct size of the hero image section.
  2. The fonts on the hero image section are two very different fonts. They don't offer the same vibe. I recommend you update the second line to a closer font to the band name. It's crucial to keep the store's design coherent. Since the store is in a digital form, you're speaking to your visitors through the fonts, colors, design, and content. The font you choose plays an important part of your branding. Just like how you designed your logo, if you want to keep the store modern and edgy, the second line needs to express that as well. Typically, the script typefaces (handwritten fonts) are more casual, funny, and feminine. Here's a great read on Fonts & Feelings: Does Typography Connote Emotions?.
  3. The hero image you've picked is great yet a little off. It's fantastic to use an actual customer image. The only thing is, upon the first glance, without going into your store, it's really hard to tell what you're selling. There's woodwork (the picnic tables) at the back and the model is wearing multiple layers of garments which aren't from your brand. Remember, this is the first impression the visitors would have for your store. If you want to use an actual customer image, I recommend you feature both genders with a T-shirt on only; if you want to feature more, then all the garments need to be from your brand. Preferably, the background needs to be as clean as possible. Even if there are designs, your focal point needs to be on the products/models. A great example is an image you use for the About High Enough section.
  4. The Add to Cart to the Checkout point isn't well designed. This relates back to the theme that you're using. It isn't responsive at this step (the layout's breakpoint doesn't adjust with the browsers/devices). I recorded a video here. You can see that because your theme isn't responsive and you don't have proper navigation at the top, the customers have to scroll to the end to find the Checkout point. The cart page is also located in an unusual spot (down at the lower midsection of the page). Your target audiences are most likely adapt to the internet very well and don't have that much patience. When it's hard to find the checkout point or seems unreliable, the potential customers are going to bounce off from your page and go to other stores (the market is competitive). I recommend you to look into the free Shopify themes available in the theme store. Check out the demo and see the difference in the flow. Keep in mind that the better your store's built, the bigger the chance to convert your traffic into sales.
  5. The social media links you have on the page have outdated information on them. On the Facebook page, the store link you have on there is no longer available and it isn't your current store's address.29_05-t0hzl-xctq6 On the Instagram page, you have a similar issue. The other account you listed there is no longer in service. 29_06-1pc4n-4msvvSince you mention you have decent traffic, it's common the visitors will click here and there to check out your store. Remember to update your store's information so the visitors know that they can trust you. 
  6. In the About High Enough section, you mentioned that your products are in limited editions. Since you're selling print-on-demand products (assuming you're only to print a certain number for each limited edition products), it's important to let the visitors know that how many products are available at the moment. The apps, such as Shopper & Stock Counter, can be added in your Shopify store to create a sense of urgency for your customers. 
  7. The Contact Us section is on your homepage only. When I clicked on FAQs page and wanted to check out where to email you, there's no obvious link or information that lead me to your Contact Us section. There are two ways you can resolve this issue. Either has a hyperlink to your support email in the FAQ page or move the Contact Us to a page instead of a section. The image you use on the Contact Us section is again, a little off from your brand. I recommend you update the image so it reflects your brand more accurately.

These are the design tips I have for you. It's quite a bit to take. A tip I have for you is to spend some time on your favorite online stores. Take notes on what you like about them and what you dislike about them. How's the checkout flow? What are the images that they use? What kind of fonts do they use? Where do they put their shopping carts? The questions can be endless but these are the primary ones you need to ask so you can come back and apply the changes to your store. You're in a competitive market and you carry a range of well-designed products. I'd hate for you to lose in the competition because of your store designs.


Before I let you go, how closely do you monitor your traffic? Do you know you can check the traffic source right from your Shopify admin? Here is a sample picture from the Analytics > Dashboard.  29_32-uazle-n3mloBy checking out these data, you can have an easy understanding of where your traffic is coming from and how effective your ad campaigns are. You can read more about the Analytics here. At the moment, I'd recommend you finish tweaking your store first before investing in a paid ad.



If there’s anything else I can help you out with, please don’t hesitate to reply back and I’d be happy to help out! Alternatively, you can always give us a call or start a live chat at any time. We're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!

All the best,

Jason | Social Care @ Shopify
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Interesting... Seems to be working for everyone else