Would you help me getting first sale? Feedback needed

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After running fb ads and Instagram, I am still not getting any sales.

My store is https://likeglam.com

Please any feedback needed :( Especially product page


Could I have help from the community about what is wrong with my store and what I can do to start selling? I have just paused the campaigns so that I can update whatever I have to do and begin campaigns again.

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1- get your own policies!

You're using the auto-generated shopify policies which say " goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned " while you're store is a wearables store!

2- remove " Thanks, Odih Ewoterai " from your about us page.

3- work on your logo

4- I'd remove the element that says shop now above the announcements bar, but if you want to keep it, at least remove the watermark that it has

Those are my 2 cents.
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Hi @rizal_aziz 

General information:
1. First of all make your logo proper because logo is first impression of any store or brand.
2. Make header menu sticky on page scroll for easy navigate.
3. Add more collections,product section on home page. Right now you have just one section.
4. Add Instagram section to attract user with your products.
5. Add blog section on bottom so user can read some of the story.
6. Add slider in collection and product section in mobile, so user can easily check all products at same place without scrolling page.
7. Change banner,text,blog etc one daily basic or weekly basis to attract use.
8. Add email subscription app to collect user email and follow up with this.(use privy free app)
9. Add newsletter section at footer.
10. Use discount to attract user to purchase product, festival discount etc.
11. Show % discount with product price so user see how many discount will get.
12. Use cart abandonment to follow up user that leave from cart page like send mail to them why he not purchase product.give some discount.
13 Add product image slider with thumb images and zoom on product image.
14. Share your products or store on Social media as possible.

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Thank you Tila :D Can I know what you mean in point 4? 


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