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Hi guys, I just started my first shopify store, launched it abt 2 weeks back. Spent abt 150$ on FB ads and another 40$ on an IG page shoutout. However, I am still getting 0 sales! I'm feeling very disappointed and i don't really know why im having no sales. Could it be because of Covid-19 that is making people not want to buy? Please help me out I really appreciate any feedback :) 


my store is : 

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Hey @Demetries999 ,


Your store is actually pretty good looking, and it shouldn't be the cause of your problem honestly, I've seen way worse converting stores. However, there are a few things you could do:


1. Add a favicon so people can identify your site easier

2. Your navigation hamburger and cart icons are hard to see, opt for the same green as the ''Shop Now'' button.

3. By looking at your product, I have no idea what it does even after looking at the 2 pictures provided. I'm sure my confusion is the same as other people. A video exemplifying how to use it would greatly help you.


With those small tweaks aside, let's talk about the price of the item. Anything over $50-100 is a tough sell. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty engaged shoppers in every niche, but it seems you haven't found that ''golden audience'' just yet. My advice would be to lower the price and populate your store with other items besides just one. Although there are a handful of well-known stores that specialize in just 1 item, they usually offer variations such as color or material.


Now let's discuss your advertisement plan, although I'm not looking at the actual data and basing my intuition on the information you provided. Take my advice about the price mentioned before into this point in specific and how this is a tough sell on normal circumstances and on top of that, add the potential factor that you're displaying this product to the wrong audience whom may be into fitness but not really interested in acquiring anything. Sadly, advertising is a tricky thing as there's no direct correlation between the amount spent on ads and the amount earned through them as there are other factors involved such as the target audience you're hitting with these.


I'd say go back to square 1 and re-think your business structure, potentially incorporating some of my suggestions. Then, act as a customer and see if what you're offering is something ''interesting'' or that provides you that ''novelty'' factor, to convert into a purchase.  If the answer is no, keep trying. In regards to the ads, trial a few audiences and see which pull in the converting numbers.


Good luck on your journey!




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Hi @Demetries999

Hyde here from Shopify.

The store looks great, you've done a super job.

A large part of building a successful brand that sells goes beyond having a website and using paid advertising. It is about establishing yourself as an authority.

You are making health and fitness claims for your product, but you need people to believe those claims. You need to educate people about your product with good, well-produced content that you share regularly with the world.

There's a good blog post on this here. It may be a few years old, but the principles are all still as relevant today.

For example, you should absolutely be creating blog posts, this is super important, and here's why.


You should be writing blog content around your business, your niche and also your products such as:

- guides to using your products
- products that work well together
- your journey in starting this business
- commentary on a major topic within your niche
- interview with an influencer within your niche


*Creating good content gives your customers a reason to keep coming back to your site for more*.

There’s a great guide to building a blog for your business here.


If you want to dive deeper into Meta and SEO, in general, there are two great guides here -


- Charles Floate - Ecommerce SEO Guide

- Matthew Woodward - Ultimate Ecommerce SEO Guide 


And here are some businesses leveraging blogs successfully to promote their brand.

- Afends Magazine 

- Clif Bars 


*Afends offers some insight into the behind-the-scenes at the brand and also interviews with people who would interest its target customer.*

*Clif offers tips on nutrition and fitness which as a healthy snack is going to be relevant to its target customer.*


Here’s a guide to setting up your store's blog. You can use your content to help build your social media perhaps by using:

- quotes from interviews on Twitter.
- graphics with product combos from your product guides on Pinterest.
- video interviews on Instagram or youtube.
- having your interviewee share the interview on their social profiles

- Kit—Shopify App Store Digital Marketing Expert


You should also keep an eye on some of these great blogs and podcasts to keep up with new trends in e-commerce


- Ezra Firestone
- Shopify Blog
- Unofficial Shopify Podcast


And finally here are 50 awesome apps that can take on various tasks for you and free up some of your time to build your brand!


- WeMakeWebsites - 50 Best Shopify Apps


I hope this all helps!


All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thanks! I'll do the necessary adjustments to my store :) 

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Nice store!

Have you implemented a tracking pixel on your store? That will allow you create a better audience to advertise to - so you make sure that you target the RIGHT visitors.

You can use the Pixel Magic app to add multiple pixels for Facebook (and a bunch more sources like Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat etc). It's really easy to use and no code involved!
You can find the app here:


Good luck with your store!