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Hi Guys,

please give me a feedback on my website it is food shop from italy to uk where the customer can buy directly from the producer that I personally selected.  I have just started and at the moment I want to keep it basic and then little by little improve it by an expert...



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Hello @Danielexx85,

You've done a great job so far. Everything looks clean and professional.

One thought, as a first time visitor, I wish the organization when you click Shop was not done by producer but instead by types of cheese.


I would recommend spending some time on your SEO. You've done a great job with most of your products as is, but the addition of some keywords would really help you get the right kind of traffic to your store. This product for example:


If I were trying to find this product in Google, I wouldn't type "Black Pepper" I would type "Black Pepper Cheese".

The most important piece of selling is getting the right kind of traffic to your store, your target audience. We hear from a lot of store owners A LOT that they get a lot of traffic but no conversions. We’ve created a video walking you through how to do your SEO properly so that you can target your intended audience:

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Best of luck!

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Hello @Danielexx85, I hope you are doing good. I really loved the idea & here are some suggestions:

- Mention this information on the homepage that customers can buy directly from the producer & display the producers. Instead of putting the description in long paragraphs about the producers write it in a more appealing way. 

- Add shipping, privacy, returns & refund policy.

- Create a drop-down menu under the shop category of the homepage. 

Set up Newsletter Subscription with automatic emails with thankyou and discount coupon.

- Make sure to enable Social media conversion techniques on the store for better conversion.

Showcase reviews on the home page or create an exclusive page that will build more trust in visitors.

- Make sure to enable automatic workflow emails/push for abandoned cart, win back old customers, welcome email, purchase follow-up, or browse abandoned customers.

- Setup web push notifications on your store and it will help you in reaching your customers and visitors directly.

Hope this Helps! 

Moreover, I suggest trying out the 'All in one' Shopify app AiTrillion, a full-fledged marketing solution. It will help you to capture visitors coming to your store and will help in getting more conversions. 

I am also happy to assist you in setting up the above features in your store. Looking forward to your reply soon.

We are happy to help sellers to increase sales in this BFCM.


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thanks for your reply and the video. very useful. Concerning the organisation of the shop I would like to organise like this because I have not a warehouse and I will basically drop ship the products from the producers. So I prefer that customer will see products organised by producer in order to optimise deliveries. 

Following your video I have also added a meta description for the website but still if I google I don't see the description I wrote. should be visible immediately ?

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This is a pretty good-looking site, and you've already received some good advice. One specific suggestion is that the header images at the top of the homepage should automatically slide from one to the next (after 2-3 seconds) rather than just being stuck on Cheese. (Maybe this is already done; it just didn't slide on my browser.)