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I just launched my new online store! it would be very helpful if i can receive a little constructive criticism. 

Dear hermfazo,


Congratulations for your store!!


I’ve gone through your store and found that there are quite a few things missing on your store which if added can really make a lot of difference to the user experience, conversion rate and your overall sales. Here is a page-by-page/sectional review of your site:


  • Header and Footer Area need to Improve
  • Overall Font, Color, Spacing, Alignment need to adjust
  • Add Custom Slider with Call to Action - Make your site more visually appealing when you add your products in an interactive slider with prompt call to action.
  • Add favicon
  • Add Trust Badge : All the policies , Faq,  Highlight return policy , customer support etc - All these features are important to build trust for your brand among your users.
  • Add social profiles at footer
  • Banner adding on Collection page - Make your collection page stand out with interesting & creative collection banners. Example of Good Collection Page
  • Add Product filter for easy navigation - Categorize & filter products by their size, colour or type so users find product to product navigation easy.Example of Ideal Product Page
  • Do Cart Page Modification : discount code , Gift wrapping , additional cart notes , delivery date picker, trust badges, etc. - Personalize your customer's shopping experience with these features on your cart page.

If you need help please contact us.

Best Regards
MS Web Designer| MS Web International | Task4Store
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thanks soooooo much for these tips! I will implement these suggestions
ASAP! If i have any questions I won’t be hesitant to reach out.
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Hello @hermfazo,

Congratulations on your store. I've taken a look at your store and found there are quite a few things which if added can make better conversions.

1. The store's color, font should be changed. Font is not at all readable in many sections.
2. Add sections like 'Hot Sellers', 'Featured Collection', 'New Arrivals' etc in Home page to help customers keep updated on store products.
3. Add favicon to your store which is a small square image/logo that appears next to a web address. Favicon helps to strengthen your brand and add a polished look to your website.
4. Add product reviews as most of the customers read the review before purchasing the product.
5. Discounts and limited-time offers will help to increase sales.
6. Add Contact Us page for better customer interaction.
7. Add About Us page which is a reflection of the purpose and personality of the business.
8. It would be nice if product images could be zoomed in / enlarged
9. Add social media for the store to increase the traffic. Having social media is a great way to grow your business, allowing you to tap into new audiences and gain more customers.
10. Optimize your footer with a more professional and functional look. Add pages like Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc to the footer.
11. Add a detailed product description in product pages.
12. A FAQ would be useful!
13. Add filters in collection pages to help your visitors narrow in on the specific product they're looking for and find products they might be interested in based on certain features (e.g. size, color, category)
14. Add filters in collection pages to help your visitors narrow in on the specific product they're looking for and find products they might be interested in based on certain features (e.g. size, color, category)

Before you think of ranking you should ensure your pages are found (indexed by Google). You can submit your store content regularly to all the major engines, or consider using a convenient tool like flare by Mansion Ecommerce. flare automatically detects site changes and verifiably informs major search engines like Google & Bing. You can get your free Google Index Score through flare. Plus! Only flare can submit individual URLs to Google & Bing, allowing your prioritized pages to be indexed first and fast.

Hope this was helpful!
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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @hermfazo 

I would love to provide my recommendations for your store.

1. Home page

- You can consider adding a favicon to your store to make it unique and attractive. You can check Shopify Help Center for this

- Make the sticky header: 

Lost Fyles 2020-07-20 17-43-19.png

Customers even though scroll down or up on the page, they can access the menu anytime. By accessing the header, they can go to other pages to see the store's products. Another important thing on the header is the Search field.  The search field needs to be placed prominently so they can search immediately and seamlessly anytime. 

- Banner:

The banner should focus on the store's product. It seems to be hard to imagine which product sold. As a customer who visits your store, I can say that you should choose an image which shows clearly the product image.

One important thing is that you should add a call to action button on the banner because this helps to increase the conversion rate.

Lost Fyles 2020-07-20 17-44-59.png


- The collection


  • Basically, it's not easy to see the collection as well as related information with the black background color here. In the design aspect, I recommend you should change to another background color so the collection will be outstanding and highlight.

Lost Fyles 2020-07-20 17-50-27.png

  • The font family of the product is also hard to see, they need to be styled bold and bigger. The font for the price is the same.  And the "Sale" word is hard to see as well.

  • You should add the call to action buttons such as Shop now or Buy now or View more under each product/ collection.
  • You can provide secondary hover images for each product. The secondary hover images will show another different view of your products and customers will have a better views on your product. This encourages them to take action.

- For the remaining parts of the home page:

  • You can show more photos of your store and separate it into 2 columns. One shows photos, one show paragraph to tell more about your store.
  • You can add social media: An Instagram Feed or Twitter are good choices to add on the home page. Customers can often see your store's Instagram updates with images or they can even follow you.

2. Collection page

How do you think if you replace the pagination by a Load more button? By using the Load more button, customers can view all products on a page without switching between many pages. They can compare many products at the same time.

And as I mentioned above, you can provide secondary hover images for each product.

This guide will give you some tips to have a productive page like this and you will learn more from this guide. 

3, Product page

I take this product for example

  • You need to provide product description. This shows customers more information as well as the highlight features so they will be more likely to buy it. You can use the bullet points and the block of texts to present (each one is on each column) so it will be much easier to catch up. You can consider adding titles to sub-divide long description.
  • You can provide the shipping cost or tax here. Many customers really pay attention to this information. One important note is the return policy.  Many customers sometimes wonder that " Can I return this product if I am not satisfied?" or " Is it free if I return this product?". Therefore, Return policy should be front-load and always answer very clearly to these two basic questions before moving into other aspects.
  • How about adding more images from multiple angles? One thing you need to make sure when zooming, the image quality must be good.

And I also have a guide to show how to have a great product page, you can check it here.

I hope my recommendations above  will help you to improve your store. Like it, if you feel it helpful for you or mark as a solution.

Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!



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This is an accepted solution.

Hey there @hermfazo ! 


Your store looks fine, but there are somethings you need to work on. Here is my suggestion - 


1. You need to come up with a color combination. Black and Yellow just doesn't suit your website! Because it's about apparels, then I'll suggest you to come up with a white background so that your product images can be enhanced and users can have a good view of it. 

2. You need to work on your fonts. They look good while writing an informal invitation, but when your store is being used by people from around the world, then you've got to use fonts that are readable and easily understood. 

3. There's no favicon? Don't miss out these minute details! 

4. aLthough you tried your best to design your store, but with wrong choice of color, it took it's beauty away! Have a look at this product page - Usually, eCommerce stores don't run on such colors. You should always have a smooth color combination!



5. After doing changes with color of your website, you can add product reviews adn testimonials! Users love to review their purchases and its adds authenticty to your store! 

6. We can remove "powered b shopify" and do some changes that will make your store the kind that you always to have! 

With just some customizations, I'm sure your store would look awesome! But as of now, you need to brush up your store's theme, font style, images, and favicon! 

I'm from CedCommerce - a group of coders and tech enthusiasts trying to help eCommerce guys with their store set up. You can reach out to me anytime for any kind of customisation ; add-ons or drafting sales/marketing/social media strategy! We have helped quite a few entrepreneurs in their journey, and if you need a helping hand, we would be glad to offer one! 

Ps. I'm just a message away! 

Wish you luck for your Shopify journey! Cheers! .-. 

Helping store owners in their smooth eCommerce journey! ;)
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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @hermfazo   welcome to Shopify family, 

I hope you're thriving through this CoVid crisis. You really have a neat and well-maintained store.

After taking a look at your website, I would like to point out a couple of feedbacks.

Landing page images are the emotional foundation of landing pages and can help enhance the overall experience by keeping viewers’ attention and decreasing bounce rates. Even more so, good landing page images directly affect the quality score and conversion rates, especially in relation to paid advertisements.
2. The biggest source of organic traffic is search traffic: the traffic you get when a person types a question or a keyword into Google, your blog post comes up in the results, and they click on it.
3. Engaging the audience by writing a blog and promoting it on different social media mediums with good titles with backlinks redirecting them back to your website. 
4. Add Free shipping bar on the topmost of your landing page and free shipping is the biggest excitement to customers.
5. A search feature on your homepage will give easy access to customers as more than 50% of users on a landing page head straight to search box to navigate the site. Ask your customers to rate your products as this will help build trust and loyalty for the brand.
6. Provide Clear navigation list out various sections of your site and link to them, this will help visitors with an overall understanding of the content you offer. Branded video content is likely to take over consumers are 300% most likely to watch a video about a product rather than read a description
7. Add a section of frequently brought/suggested items this will increase the product value and it will be reviewed as well. Bigger images in your catalouge view product list with bigger images and hidden description can increase sales and will add brand value to your products
8. Ensure that every product has large images in the product view that zoom to fill the browser window.
9. Product badges are a great way to highlight specific products in your store so they stand out. Getting your customers to take notice of the best product offerings and promotions means your sales campaigns should be even more successful. You can even combine product badges with proven marketing techniques such as scarcity and social proof and your products should sell even faster.

I hope this helps!


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I cant thank you enough! That is exactly what i needed!

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Glad to help you. Wishing you the best with your store
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