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Good morning, My name is Ben


I have 3 doughts to do with the design i am doing on my online shop.


1. Every time get into google to look for my online shop appears the following 3 descriptions, they are not updated and      I only need one URL not 3.

2. At the bottom of my page (the footer) appears my address: 2020, Fitness Wave Store, S.L.

    i don´t want to appear. The text I want is the following: Fitness Wave Store, S.L. 2020©

    How can I changed it??


3. On the bottom left hand side of the page (footer) appears the shopify icon, and every time I enter in my page, not only appears the shopify icon but also asks me if i want to edit the page. That should not appear. How can i change it??


Thank you very much.


Ben Navarro.