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Hey, I just launched my website last month, It would be great to get some feedback. Please let me know your honest option.


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its a nice clean stylish design. I would like to see more in-depth sales pitch description on the produces besides the individual specs.



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Hey, there!


Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I'm happy to pass along some feedback regarding your storefront that I think could help you with sales and driving traffic. I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and I would be happy to help!


At first glance your website looks very professional. You have a really great colour scheme and your logo is vibrant, clean and stands out amongst the rest of the content on your storefront. Your brand is strong and I can clearly see what website I'm navigating through by your logo and favicon. 

There are a few aspects of your website that I would consider focusing on. These small changes should help your website out aesthetically, but it will also create a more user-friendly environment for your customers. 

I can see by your product descriptions that you only have a few pieces of product information listed. Product descriptions can not only help you make a sale, but they can also help with SEO and advertising your website. Your current product descriptions don't seem to include enough information for your customers to make the decision to purchase. Not to worry, we have this really great blog post that you can read through to help you re-build your product descriptions. I would also recommend checking out our Shopify Plus blog about SEO for product descriptions, here for more information about how you can use product descriptions to market your website. 

I can see that you have a section at the bottom of your homepage for your customers to get involved with your Instagram page. I would actually recommend showcasing your Instagram feed on your homepage. Having an Instagram feed can help drive customers, provide merchant to customer trust and lets the customer feel like they're involved. You can add an Instagram feed feature to your storefront by checking out an app like; 

Instagram Feed by SnapzyInstagram Feed by InstaPics and Instagram Feed ‑ Social Feed.


As I navigate throughout your storefront I can see that your pop-up window for newsletter subscription shows up every time I navigate to a different page of your website. This can be frustrating for a customer who is just trying to purchase a product. I would suggest only having your pop-up window show only once or twice throughout your storefront.

Your Footer Menu looks great, but after navigating through some of the pages linked, I did spot a few problems. The first aspect I noticed was that your 'About Us' page was missing. An 'About Us' page is a really good element to have, it can be beneficial for attracting and keeping customers and can really build customer to merchant trust. Before building your 'About Us' page, be sure to take a read through The Untapped Potential of About Us Pages (And How to Write Your Own) blog post for some tips.

Your Footer menu has quite a few link options, to keep your Footer from feeling congested - you can always look into combining some of the pages or topics that you have included as menu options. For example, I think you could combine your 'Shipping Information' and 'Mission' pages into one as your FAQ page. Check out The Benefits of an FAQ Page (And How to Do It Right) for some advice on how to get started with your FAQ page. Be sure to double check your Footer links as well. When I click on, 'Accessories' I don't see any content, products or collections listed. 


Keeping with the topic of your Footer menu, your “Our Shops” menu title is a little bit conflicting and could potentially be confusing for some customers. By the way you have it phrased, it sounds like you have multiple storefronts and by clicking on one of the links the customer would be redirected to a different website. I would call this footer menu “Collections” instead to be clear to your customers and help keep your website user-friendly. 


Let me know if this helps! 

*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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