feedback anyone?

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1200 people on i should get alot of feedback. Thank you.

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I think this needs some work. Sorry to be so harsh

The about page is pretty shocking to read. I would avoid all caps. 

The drop down menu doesn't drop on hover, which is a feature I personally like as a user.

Is the stripes a famous brand? or your brand? If so, focus on marketing behind the brand. Perhaps some influencer marketing. 

Also, what is so great about your apparel? Why does it belong to the TAEKWONDO fitness world? Is the material special, the cut of fabric? etc

Hope this helps. I'm in digital marketing. Happy to give you a hand or discuss things if you need :)



I had just now looked at your store, your store User Interface was good, I have some suggestions for you, I hope surely they will help you in increasing your sales:

  • I have noticed that there are only a few products in each category, listing more products in your store would make customers find the right choice of products they want.
  • Marketing your website through social media platforms and SEO would also help you in getting more traffic to your store.

I hope you like our feedback



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Hi ,

The idea behind the brand is really fascinating and your website looks neat. I have some suggestions which will help you to effectively increase traffic.

1) The About us page needs to go on the header of the page since About us page is critical in communicating the message and story of the brand, it would be a good idea to put the button on the header section so that users can understand and relate to the emotion of the brand.

2) Adding Analytics codes ( like google analytics ) can help you understand the demographics of your target audience and this can really help you optimize your landing pages, and understand what social channels work best

3) I suggest you try adding some kind of stickers to showcase stuff like trending, running out fast, back in stock, hot seller, etc. Apps in the Shopify app store can help with this by making the process very easy & simple. Also having trust badges on your artworks will help you to grab customer attention & nudge faster purchase decisions

I hope these tips will help you and I wish you have tons of sales :)

Also, do reach out in case you have any questions, I will be happy to help out

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