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so I have done some improvements on the website itself and done a lot of enhancements and change the name of the store I would like to know a few things to learn a bit more.

  • If you were my customer would the site appeal you enough to make a purchase?
  • Do you think the store itself has the potential of making a lot of traffic/ purchases and making a profit?
  • Is it professional/ trustworthy?
  • Is every page working properly?
  • What can I do to improve even more?
  • Is this store worth 6 figures or more? (just from looks)
  • What can I do to have better headlines? (example: "let your beauty shine ") 
  • Should I switch my product because there's a lot of competition?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the overall website?
  • What can I do to solve/ understand the customers more coming to my store?
  • Lastly is the new name/logo better? And does it represent something? (the old name was Haulsio)

I apologize if those are a lot of questions I am just a young 18 years old newly entrepreneur trying my hardest to succeed and change current living situations.. hopefully, you understand.


the website link is:

password is: piathe (btw no capitals)


Thank you,


Carlvens Augustin


Hi @Carlvens 


I would love to provide some recommendations for your store.




1, Product list/ Collection list

- You should add a product list or collection list on the home page to show more products. Currently, I only see 1 product. 

Even you don't have many products, you also need to show its features, variants, or any promotion on the home page to encourage customers to make decisions. 


2, Some sections are still built

I see there are 2 sections which haven't been finished yet. 

- In the first one, I recommend you can add a countdown timer or any introduction of the product or customer's review. If this is a customer's review, this section can be combined with the section above.

- In the second one, I see you are preparing for blog posts. So they will be included in a featured image, article's name, date, and author's name. In each blog post, you can add a call to action button to your product. 

MajestySkin Premium Laser Hair removal 2020-04-22 09-21-49.png


MajestySkin Premium Laser Hair removal 2020-04-22 09-22-06.png


3, Product page

- I recommend you should add a Product quantity for your product so customers can choose more than 1 product.

You can see this exampleTan Sweater 2020-04-22 09-43-06.png


4, The footer

- The About us page should be also added in the navigation on the header so customers can quickly know who you are to increase the trust. 

On this page, you can include an image of your team or your store.

"We're dedicated to giving you the very best of MajestySkin Laser Hair Removal, with a focus on: dependability, customer service and uniqueness.": 3 services here you should put in each line to make them outstanding or even make 3 tabs to show them.


MajestySkin Premium Laser Hair removal 2020-04-22 09-33-14.png



When you finish building your store, don't forget to examine your store's page speed. It is one of the important factors which make an online store better and increase the conversion rate. 

You can check here

If you want to consult more, you can read this article about Page Speed and how to have a faster loading time for an online store. 


I hope some recommendations can help you in some ways. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.


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thank you but also this is a one product store just for now