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hi all i opened my store in janauary in kuwait i would like you feedback



Following are some of the points in my opinion:-
1) The height of the logo should be reduced, at the moment on the laptop we can only see logo and half cut section for "Shop for". Maybe cropping the logo from top and bottom will help.
2) Logo with a transparent background will be better to use instead of a white background.
3) Bullets(Dots) for last slider section on the homepage are not visible, only the active bullet is visible, technically all the bullets should be visible and the active one should be highlighted.
4) Newsletter section in the footer has a grey text Email address in the textbox which is hardly visible. It should be more visible.
5) Try to use fewer colors to have a professional look, 
The top bar has black color, page background is red, text in the logo is of a different color, the search box has a different background, normal text in white.
6) Close icon on cart popup is hardly visible.
7) When there is an item in the cart the cart button looks like it has a cut on the top-right side.
8) Navigation bar does not look like a navigation bar, it looks like breadcrumbs, try to add a background color to the navigation bar.
9) Images in "Shop for" section should be bigger for clear visibility.
10) Mens bag in "Shop for" seems to fall on the next line on my machine.
Sorry for pointing out so many points, these are not to discourage you, but to encourage you to do more. In my opinion, solving these points can make your store more professional in look. All the best for your business.
Sagar Khadke
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HI Sagar Khadke

Thankyou for your feedback
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Not an expert but just a few things I would like to comment on:

1) As mentioned, the colors are very distracting, and the very strong red color in the background isn't the most pleasing to the eyes. Maybe you'd like to tone it down a little just so the red isn't too strong or too saturated?

2) It would look a bit more structured and clearer if you had a clear border separating the header from the main page from the footer. Right now they all have the same red background and it would be better if you could tell where they end and where the other begins.

3) Not sure if you've purposely designed it this way, but the number of ads in your webpage is pretty distracting for me. There are even some ads that feel like they aren't supposed to be placed in that way. For example, I saw one banner ad in between two items in the featured collections part of the page, and it was a vertical ad, that kind of messed up the spacing of the items, making the website look unstructured.


That's all I can comment for now! Best of luck to you!