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I have recently changed themes in an effort to improve my conversion rate which was sitting at about 2% -not good.


this is the old theme:

and the new theme:


there are still some things id like to customise on the new theme but im waiting for support to contact me as it is code based. but feedback so far would be appreciated. as i desperately need to boost conversions and ROI.


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Hi @AJW-Automotive 


Hey nice job on your store. Honestly it's quite good, I like it a lot. There are a few tiny things I would change.


One thing to consider is adding a FAQ section. Adding an FAQ section to your store can help your customer more easily be able to find a solution to their problems without asking you. This will help long into the future so you don't need to spend so much time on customer support


After browsing your store I noticed I wasn't able to find reviews. Adding reviews would help your customers research the products they are going to buy. Plus if someone likes a product they bought from you they can leave a review.


Another thing you might want to add is a blog. A blog could be used to drive more traffic to your store, and you could also use it to recommend potential products that your customer could buy.


You know your store is actually quite good, and I think with just a bit of love and care, you will be able to really succeed.


P.S. I created an email course at, after reviewing a bunch of stores I noticed that there are a few tips that might help, and I created an email list to help with it.